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    Default The secrets of the most coveted club in Bollywood revealed

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    Zoom’s new show 100 Crore Club is all set to feature the Bollywood films which have achieved to hit the 100 crore club and have made the business of 100 Crores.

    What takes a film from being a hit to a box office craze and makes it a member of the most coveted club?

    100 Crore, the magical number that everyone aims for but only a few cross will be the theme of Zoom's new show. So what is the trade secret of this premium and exceptional cult? 100 Crore Club, will expose all their secrets starting 30th October, every Wednesday at 8pm.

    Be it the star power, music, exotic locations or simply the marketing gimmicks, 100 Crore Club will give Bollywood fans the insight to it all! The half an hour show will feature the great minds behind the Blockbuster's raging glory in the year 2012. Bollywood buffs can learn the most sought after mantra from everyone who played a part in making the film right from the director, producer, choreographer, singer and star cast to the PR professionals and marketing geniuses.

    To seal the deal and hit the bull's eye, fans will also be privy to the assessments of the reviewers of the industry. Yes, that's right! Renowned critics and trade analysts will diagnose the film from head-to-toe. Be it its box office figures, previous movie successes, they will not shy away from talking about it.

    The first episode of the show will feature none other than the film who broke the typical masala movie hold on the 100 cr. industry- Barfi, which released in 2012. The sunshine movie stole your hearts with its feel good theme. The movie did not only touch upon comedy, romance and sorrow but the concept of the silent word. Fans will be surprised to know that the life altering film started without an actual script or shooting schedule. Was it Ranbir's magic, Priyanka's charm, Ileana D'Cruz's freshness that drove fans? Was it the music or the vision of Anurag Basu that gave everyone Goosebumps? Was it the innovative marketing 'Gimmicks-Fattafati' or 'The Flavor of Barfi' that caught audience's curiosity? Watch the launch episode of The 100 Crore Club to find out only on zoOm.

    Tune into to 100 Crore Club starting 30th October, 2013, every Wednesday @ 8 pm

    only on Zoom Television - India's No. 1 Bollywood channel.



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