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    Default Zee TV launches its new channel Zindagi -Jodey Dilon ko

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    After Zee TV’ spectacular success and the viewership for its ongoing shows, it is all ready to bring in its sister channel Zindagi – Jodey Dilon Ko

    Zee TV is launching its own sister channel called Zindagi - Jodey Dilon Ko. Recently Zee TV had a launch for its channel. When spoken to actress Gunjan Walia who was the host of this show launch, she said, "Zindagi is a channel that Zee TV has come up with. It has its tagline as Jode Dilon Ko. Unlike any other Indian television channel, Zindagi have come up with altogether a new concept which is never seen on Indian Television.

    It will have shows which will air only for a month. The content for these shows will have cross border stories. It will cover story from all around the world. I have seen the promos and trust me, it is extremely interesting. The main concept is that there are people living worldwide, speaking different languages, which have different cultures but it is their nature that keeps the people bonded and together. Mumbai and Delhi have already witnessed the launch."

    Well, the concept sounds quite interesting but how well this channel will do and how much love it will gather from its audiences is something that only time can tell.

    We wishes the entire team of Zee TV and Zindagi a hearty good luck!

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