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    Default 5 COOL things about Zindagi Channe

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    If you're looking for good content that has entertainment and plot as the highlight, you have to take a look at Zindagi Channel. It's format is not only appealing to housewives, but also youngsters who are generally not considered the right audiences for a 'daily soap'. Here are five things that one can learn from Zee's newest channel. Read on...

    Quality Content:

    Launched last year, the channel currently airs syndicated shows from Pakistan. Surprisingly, the quality of the content is a lot better than what we have seen on Indian channels. The shows are not disguised as feminist ones, there are no regressive shows with poor attitude and presentation. Despite our neighbouring country being a lot more conservative than us, their shows are extremely progressively and modern. Unlike the pseudo-modern stuff that's commonly found on our small screen. Instead of looking at our western counterparts for plots and story ideas, we should start reproducing content from our talented neighbour.

    Mind-Blowing Acting Talent:

    If you thought the small screen had only over-the-top acting with kitschy clothes and dramatic dialogues, you have watched the wrong shows. Because on Zindagi, the actors are natural and believable. And they are amazingly good looking. The Fawads of the world are household names now. Their chemistry with their co-stars is bang on, and their characters can be related by a layperson. Such should be the power of a show that anybody can relate to it. While most of our TV channels showcase gaudy houses with elaborate sets and acting, Pakistani shows are more relevant and culturally forward.

    Bursting Myths:

    It's one of the best ways to bring peace between the forever warring nations, India and Pakistan. For decades, Pakistani viewers have enjoyed and appreciated content from India, predominantly Bollywood. But it's our turn to relish their shows. Through those shows, the makers are trying to send a message of love and compassion.

    A Cultural Melting Point:

    We are a nation that believes in the saying 'Vasudeva Kuthumbhava' aka 'the world is my family'. So it's no wonder that we have shows that portray the cultural beauty and intricacies from across the globe. From Pakistan to Iran to Turkey to Latin America, Zindagi aims to bring together tid-bits from all over the world to our small screens. It's a great insight into the lives of our neighbours and we are going to learn so many things about them, which will help us forget the stereotypes and embrace them with much warmth and affection. It's a delicious melting point of traditions, mindsets and lifestyles.

    Finite Shows:

    Perhaps one of the best features of the channel is that all the shows are finite and do not go on for years with multiple leaps, amnesias, plastic surgeries and back-from-the-death plots. With each show running for about 20-25 days, there's immense possibility to add better content and shows every month. The plots are taut, the writing is crisp and the treatment unique, making TV viewing a joyful experience. We just hope that our Indian makers pay heed to the finite concept and incorporate them into mainstream.

    Have you watched Zindagi yet? If not, do watch the shows for their excellent content and charismatic treatment of plot. If you have watched and are a fan, let us know why you're a fan...



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