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    Default Zhunj Marathmoli will connect with the youth of Maharashtra: Shreyas Talpade

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    The ETV Marathi channel audience can now gear up for a road-trip with Shreyas Talpade. He will be returning to televising hosting Marathi television's first action road-trip, Zhunj Marathmoli. The show will showcase 14 celebrities from various fields competing to prove themselves as the true Maharashtrian.

    Shreyas Talpade speaks to us about this new role as hostÖ

    What was your reaction when you were offered to host ETV Marathiís first road show? What made you take up this role?

    I was very impressed with the concept for itís connected to the soil. It is not like any other reality show where you sit in the studio, read from the prompter not knowing half the time what you are doing or saying. This needs me to be on the ground, on the location. And also the tasks involved are connected to the culture of Maharashtra. This appealed to me and immediately I agreed to do it.

    Was it easy or difficult to talk spontaneously during anchoring?

    It was difficult. Here you have to be on the toes, have to be alert 24*7, you have to know what the contestants are going through, what they are feeling at that point of time. It is all about spontaneity. There could be no script during the tasks or during the tasks or after the tasks.

    For someone who always had a next door boy image was it difficult for you to portray yourself in an action studded show?

    I donít think so. It is more about feeling the part you are doing. If you are convinced about the part you are doing then the costumes and everything complement the attitude that you are portraying.

    What are your expectations from the show and your role as a host?

    I call Zhunj Marathmoli an infotainment show and through this we intend to connect with the youth of Maharashtra. Most of us including me donít know many things about the stateís culture. As I am learning it and enjoying it I believe when my audience watches it they would also enjoy it. I believe more than the physical stamina, mental strength is what is necessary. Thatís why I am there, to make sure that the contestants competing with each other to come and stay focused and stay on track. I have been able to build up a strong rapport with them.

    You started with Marathi serials and then entered films and then came back again to the small screen but through a reality show. Was this entry intentional?

    Whatever show you do should appeal to you. When Zhunj Marathmoli was offered, something clicked inside me and I decided this is what I wanted to do, this is something different. Probably I was waiting for that.



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