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    Default Subhash Chandra and Punit Goenka talk to us on Zee TV's glorious run of 20 years

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    Zee TV, the pioneer channel which has driven the growth of the satellite and cable industry in India, celebrates the completion of 20 years in business today (2 October 2012). And the credit for creating a revolution when it comes to India’s satellite television goes to Subhash Chandra, the Chairman of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

    On the memorable occasion, Subhash Chandra talked to us on the two decade long journey of programming. Stated the man with a vision, “A milestone of twenty years is a defining moment in any organization’s life span. It is a reason to celebrate as the dream we envisioned two decades ago has blossomed. We are now at an inflection point, a position from where we have to leapfrog and move to the next growth trajectory. In 1992, ZEE was established with strong values, focusing on Customer, Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, and to this day we still espouse these values. It is my belief that the key attributes that we have adopted since inception are Vision and Innovation. Not just in thought, but in action. This has helped us to achieve domain expertise and consistent growth levels, emerging as industry leaders with a single-minded focus on realizing aspirations. We have a 31 channel network, reaching over 650 million viewers across 168 countries.” And before signing off, he reiterated the fact that, “The business of entertaining people is a good one to be in.”

    On his journey with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, Punit Goenka, MD and CEO, ZEEL said, “Content is at the heart of our business. When I joined Zee TV, I had to learn everything from the ground up. I had no idea how the content business worked and it’s the team that taught me. I came to the understanding very early that you can’t sell a blank screen, you need content. There were conversations that ratings get manipulated and such, but my point to the team was that one can manipulate ratings in the short term but not in the long term – only good content wins in the longer run. At the end of the day, you have to keep listening to your viewers and evolve the content with time.”

    On the future strategies of the channel, Punit averred, “Zee TV was the pioneer in Indian television that revolutionised and changed the face of Indian television screen and the broadcast space forever. As it enters into the third decade of its operations, we have firmly set the target this time across the digital space and hope to become a global content player.”

    We salutes the vision of Zee TV and wishes the team many more years of creative brilliance when it comes to content. Cheers!!!



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