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    Default Kanan Malhotra's "weight issues"

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    Would you want your guy to look overweight? “No”…right? Well, this is what poor Chahat Khanna will have to endure as her boyfriend Kanan Malhotra has signed a contract with Jay Mehta Productions for his new Zee TV show Tere Ishq Nacchaye, which states that that he has to put on a few extra kilos to suit his nice matured boy look. Our source adds that the contract also stipulates that he can’t go to the gym as well. When we spoke to Kanan, who was last seen in Imagine TV’s Sanware Sabke Sapne-Preeto, he accepted that the channel and production house wants him to have the slightly bulky look and when we asked him about the gym part he said, “They have not prohibited me, but yes they don’t like it as well.”

    So how did you put on weight? “Well being a Punjabi, we love food, so it was not much of an effort. And I just ate a little extra and the work was done”

    We then asked Kanan how does Chahat feel about his new look, he smiled and said, “She just loves it.”

    Kanan now flies to UK for a three month long schedule for his show which also stars Aryan Vaid and Sukirti Kandpal.

    “We have just returned from Chandigarh after the first schedule I am quite excited to go to London for this is the first time that an Indian TV show is having such an extended overseas shooting tour.”

    So how is Chahat taking this separation? “Well, she knows this is my job and modern technology has made distances redundant. We can chat on Facebook and other social networking sites. She has also just taken a new Blackberry so we can remain in constant touch.”

    All the best, Kanan!!!



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