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    Default I have a very emotional connection with Zee TV :Rakesh Pasawan

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    Rakesh Pasawan shares about his connection with channel Zee TV

    Zee TV is a channel which is famous for its content which is based on the social issues of our society. Rakesh Paswan the Producer of Village Boy Productions has recently produced a new show on Zee TV, Servicewali Bahu. He has periviously produced Afsar Bitiya for the same channel.

    He shared with us, his relation with Zee TV.

    He says "My connection with Zee TV is very unique. Before producing shows, I was a writer. My first show as a writer was aired on Zee TV which was Dulhan. Later when I went ahead with production, my first independently produced show, was also aired on Zee TV and that was Afsar Bitiya. So as a writer and as a producer too, I have a very emotional connection with Zee TV. Now we are carrying on this relationship, as Zee TV and I have come up with another show Servicewali Bahu."

    "Earlier when I did Afsar Bitiya, it was difficult to convey a social message in an entertaining way. The show was based on the importance of girls education and making such a show when there were so many saas - bahu sagas was quite challenging. So I would say that it was a brave attempt of Zee TV's programming team. Now we are have come up with Servicewali Bahu, this show tells us how people have found new ways of asking for dowry", Rakesh added.

    We wishes Rakesh Paswan all the best for his new venture!



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