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    Default Peeyush Suhaney gets abused every morning... Find out why...

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    Actors are always loved or hated for what they essay on screen. But in cases where lies extreme talent, actors can often enrage viewers or make them fall in love with them.

    Similar is the case with talented actor, Peeyush Suhaney, currently seen in DD National’s Yeh Shaadi Hai Ya Sauda and Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon, is known for playing negative roles in episodic shows like Savdhan India, Fear Files and Crime Patrol.

    In conversation with Peeyush, he informs us of the loyal followers of the above shows call him up and shower abuses every morning.

    Startled? Let’s learn why he is abused.

    Peeyush states, “I get calls every morning with unknown people from all over hurling abuses at me. That is primarily because they abuse the character and not me. The kind of roles I essay in episodics and my daily shows are very intense and negative. In a way it is good that people hate me as it proves that I am doing a magnificent job of getting into the skin of my character. It makes me feel proud somewhere down the line.”

    Peeyush, who hails from a political family background, is a part of the Student Youth Union and claims that his number could have been easily leaked, given his political background.

    He further elaborates, “When it comes to Facebook, I go through people’s profiles before accepting requests and if people Whatsapp me, I first take a look at their display pictures to check if I know them.”

    Guess this is a part and parcel of every actor’s life, Peeyush!



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