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    Default YRKKH needs negative characters and more airtime/storyline for ignored characters

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    YRKKH is a beautiful soap it started as a very simple story concept of arranged far we have seen only good characters its 250+ episodes into soap and no negative character yet...all soaps have their negative characters like naveen and his wife and malathi in bidaai...manjula bhabhi in hamari devarani...some soaps have more negative characters then others...negative characters are important part of the soap they give twist to story...YRKKH should have some negative characters in the soap to give the story some new meaning...Also I see some characters have little airtime or storyline like aksharas uncle and aunt (omi kaka and sunaina kakki) also naitiks dad rajshekar and naitiks sister rashmi...Daddji also can have more airtime then just being strict and old fashioned...Hope writers of YRKKH will take the new storyline of nandini and mohits love story in the directions where we have more airtime for some existing characters and new characters come in...

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