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    Talking Yeh Rishta Kya Kehta hai - 28th December 2009 Written Update *Must See*

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    [DOWN]The episode starts with Sadhna walking down the street alone and upset thinking about what happened before. She is totally inconcience of her surroundings and is thinking about how ragini lost her baby and thinks about how Alekh told her she was responsible and how she was kicked out of home.

    Naitik and Akshara are in the car driving. Akshara says that she can't believe that she is going to Agra, her dad's friend Sharma uncle also lives there. Akshara explains about Sadhna, Ragini and Ranveer. Akshara says that they are going through difficult times. She says that she is really worried about Sadhna.

    Sadhna is still walking in the middle of the road. Naitik's car is driving by. Another car comes and Sadhna gets hit and she collapses. Naitik and Akshara are shocked seeing this. They stop the car. Sadhna gets up, still in a daze and walks away. Naitik and Akshara keep going. Naitik says that she got hit and she's still fine. Akshara says "thank god that girl is okay". Akshara is in deep thought. Naitik asks what happened. Akshara says that for some reason she thought that that girl was Sadhna. Sharma uncle's neice. Naitik asks but how did she get in the middle of the road? Akshara says that's true, Akshara says that if they had time they would have gone to visit. She says that it would probably not be well to meet them now. Naitik says that they have a flight for he evening.

    At the Singhania house. Rashmi are Bhabhi ma are getting everything ready for Mama ji's arrival. They talk about Mamaji and they're relationship with him. Bhabhi ma starts talking about what they will do when the ladkhe wale come. Nandini looks sad. Mohit comes. Nandini is shocked. Bhabhi ma tells Mohit about Nandini's rishta. Nandini lowers her head. Mohit looks at Nandini and says that he knows. Mohit asks permission from Bhabhi ma if he can talk to Nandini for a bit. Bhabhi ma says that he's never asked permission before. she laughs. Mohit goes to Nandini and says "all the best, I hope you find a true life partner" He gives Nandini a good luck present. Nandini asks "why from now?" Rashmi tells Nandini that best wishes always come to use. Mohit tells Nandini to take the present. Bhabhi ma urges Nandini too. Nandini takes the present. She thanks Mohit and opens the present. Its a teddy bear. Bhabhi ma and them laugh and start talking to each other about other things. Nandini looks at the bear, it has a heart. Inside theres a message. He is saying that he also feels the same way about her. Nandini smiles happily and Mohit.


    At the Rajvansh house. Ragini is in bed. her expression blank. Kaushalya, The Naniji and Mamaji are there. Mamaji says that they should leave. Kaushalya asks Ragini if she would like to come home for a little while. Ragini is silent with that blank expression. The Naniji tells Kaushalya that Ragini should stay here, Vasu would like that and to remember what the doctor said. Mamaji takes Ragini's hand and speaks to Ragini and tells her not to loose hope. Ragini's hand drops, her expression still blank. Kaushalya leaves crying. Mamaji looks sad.

    Akshara asks Naitik if he's still angry. Naitik says he's just not feeling well. Naitik closes his eyes and rests his head back. Akshara asks Naitik if he took medicine. Naitik nods his head. Akshara's phone rings. Its Nandini. Nandini says that she knows Naitik is there so she doesn't have to say anything just listen. Nandini tells her that Mohit told her today that whatever she feels inside her heart, he does too. She is really happy. They put down the phone.


    Akshara and Naitik are in the car. Akshara is smiling away. Naitik asks who that was, Akshara says that it was Nandini. They hear a bell. They're by a Temple. Its the Ram Mandhir. Akshara asks Naitik if he will come with her. Naitik agrees and they get out at the Temple. She and Naitik go for Darshan. Akshara tells Naitik that she wants to apologize before they go into the temple. She apologizes. She says she wants to go into the temple without any burden but Naitik's love only. Naitik smiles. He puts his hand on her shoulder and they go up the steps to the temple together happily. They prey. Akshara says "God, I don't want to lie to Naitik but I can't break Nandini's promise, please show me a way." SHe looks at Naitik.

    Sadhna is walking in a daze. She comes to the temple. She walks up the stairs. Naitik and Akshara take the prasad and walk away. Sadhna comes as they leave. She preys crying. She asks for Ragini and Ranveer's happiness. Akshara and Naitik come to the lake. Akshara says that if they drop a coin here, they can get what they want. Naitik pulls out coins. They both drop coins in the lake and prey. Akshara preys that her and Naitik's relationship is always threaded with a string of trust and that they always stay with each other. Naitik preys that they carry on this relationship with pure hearts. Akshara asks if they can go to the market close by, they sell really pretty bangles. Naitik says that he has a meeting, but she can go alone if she wants. He says that he will send the car back for her. They both smile. Naitik leaves. Akshara smiles.

    Sadhna is preying, she cries and asks if people that tell the truth are punished. She cries. She asks what Ragini's fault was. She says that because of her her whole family has broken. She walks away. She stands by the steps and cries. Akshara is walking by and she sees Sadhna. She looks closely and says "Sadhna?!" Akshara walks up the stairs to Sadhna. She touches her shoulder and says "Sadhna?" She looks worried. Sadhna whipes her tears. Akshara asks what happened and if everythings okay? Sadhna says that everything is okay. She makes a excuse. Akshara says that she understands what she's going through. Sadhna starts crying. Akshara consoles Sadhna. Sadhna cries to Akshara saying that Ragini got a miscarrage because of her. Akshara makes Sadhna sit. They both sit on the stairs. She cries shares her woes with Akshara. Akshara consoles Sadhna and tells her that you should not be afraid but should confront your troubles. Sadhna says that she is right. Akshara tells Sadhna that they should go home. Sadhna thanks Akshara. Sadhna says she should go home now. They hug. Sadhna leaves. Akshara looks worried. She preys to god and says that she knows he will honour Sadhna's truth.

    At the Rajvansh house Mamaji thanks Vasu and Inderjeet for taking care of Ragini. Inderjeet says that she is their bahu. Mamaji asks Alekh where Sadhna is. Alekh says he will call her. He calls the servent and tells him to call Sadhna. Mamaji says that he met Sadhna at the hospital, he told her to wait there but she disappeared. The servent comes back and says that Sadhna isn't in her room. Mamaji and Alekh are shocked.


    Alekh says he'll go see where she is. Mamaji tells Alekh to call her when he finds her. Alekh says okay and leaves. Kaushalya asks Vasu if she can take Ragini home for a bit. Vasu says that Ragini is also their daughter, they will take care of her. But she can come to meet her at any given time. Kaushalya tells Vasu to keep Sadhna away from Ragini. mamaji is shocked. Vasu says that they won't let even Sadhna's shadow fall on Ragini.

    Naitik's car stops. The driver says that there is a traffic jam. Naitik asks about the convention centre. The driver says that its only 5 mins walking from here. Naitik says he will walk and to take the car back to the temple for Akshara. Naitik gets out of the car. He starts walking.

    Alekh is running and looking down the street for Sadhna.

    Naitik gets a call. Akshara asks about the car. Naitik says that he sent it just now. They have a sweet talk where Akshara tells him to take care of himself. He puts down the phone.

    Alekh is looking around asking people. Naitik is walking down the street. Alekh and Naitik bump into each other and drop wallets. They picked them up. Alekh shows Naitik a picture of Sadhna and asks if he's seen her. Naitik says that he saw her on the road for a minute. Alekh says where? Naitik says that he doesn't know about Agra. Alekh introduces himself as does Naitik. Alekh looks worried, he asks if she was okay. Naitik says to relax, he will find her. Alekh says that he is worried. Naitik says he understands. He consoles Alekh. He tells Alekh that everything will be okay. Alekh thanks Naitik. naitik suggests Alekh go home and check there. Alekh says thanks. And leaves. naitik smiles.

    Kaushalya and Naniji are saying how everything is Sadhna's fault. Sadhna is there. Kaushalya is badmouthing Sadhna. Sadhna goes to say something but Kaushalya and Naniji leaves angrily. Mamaji tells Sadhna that everything will be okay. He tells her to go home and to take care of Ragini, she is really sad at this moment.

    Sadhna comes home. Everyone is shocked. Sadhna asks if she can meet Ragini. She is denyed. Everyone is angry with her. Naveen says that Sadhna had contact with the opposite lawyer in the case. Sadhna tries to defend herself but Vasu yells at Sadhna. She yells at Sadhna saying that her mamaji's student become more important then them. Inderjeet tells Vasu not to take out all of her anger on Sadhna. But Vasu keeps yelling at Sadhna. Sadhna starts crying and tries to defend herself. Vasu yells and tells Sadhna to leave from the house. Sadhna is shocked.

    At the Singhania house. All the women are there. Mamiji is showing everything she baught for everyone. Nandini looks so happy. Bhabhi ma notices this. Shankri Tai comes. Bhabhi ma asks what the ladke wale said. Shankri says that they said yes. Nandini's face falls. Gayatri says that everything matches in the kundli. Gayatri says that they should call naitik and tell them the happy news. Shankri says to give a ring for some type of rasam. She gives it reluntantly.


    Bidaai- Sadhna is being thrown out of the house
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Akshara, Mohit and Nandini are at the park. mohit thanks her for helping them so much. Naitik sees them. Naitik calls Akshara and asks her where they are. Akshara says at home. Naitik looks upset.
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