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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2011 Written Update

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    Part -1 episode start with g3 told akshi that this balgopal photos are good for her and she feel good seeing tham and munna didnt know anything . and left while maharaji call her and akshi is upset and told natik to put the baby pic. in storeroom. naitik said ok and went to talk to g3 and told her that akshi is happy with the baby photos but g3 got angry and said she is also buy that with love and took off angryly from there. akshi hear all this and said to natik why he said this and natik said why everyone is angry on him. and akshi said she is not upset with him.
    in kichen g3 come and told maharaji to take the poster away from akshis room and he went and bma ask why and g3 told munna and bahu want to do there manmani
    Bma is sneezing so g3 told her that she will give her madicine. and then they saw maharaji is taking postar to storroom but they are the baby one so g3 is happy that bahu kept the balgopan poster. and bma said they love us.
    Part-2 anshu is looking something in leptop and kaki come and ask him what is he doing and he is trying to off the computer so she want see it and said to her that he is doing some resurch and the battery is low . and then she left. and anshu got the call from his frined and he said to come for lunch and anshu said he will come.
    in naksh room they both are reading baby books and and akshi said why her tummy is not showing and she said varsah will know and natik told her to call varsha and she call her and varsha said it will show after 5 month. and akshi said ok. and akshi said she dont like ghee and oily food and she dont like dried fruit and everyone said its good for her so she have to eat. and girja came and told tham to come for lunch. and they said yes. and she left.

    Mís house varsah is worried that ananya put anything in the mouth and rj told dadi that she is thinking to call akshi to come and stay with them. dadi said that no while first few month its good if she stay with them and rj said ok.

    Rb called g3 and said that her masi is in hospital and then told her to call them. and g3 start crying and bma said to her not to worry and g3 told that she dont want to let this know to bahu . she dont want her to worry. and naksh came and ask g3 why is she upset. she said nothing. and bma said she is having cold so g3 is worried and natik told he can call dr. and bma said no. and they start eating. akshi ask g3 if there is another roti? g3 said why and she said her roti is spacial with ghee. akshi start eating and not felling like eating. natik told g3 that dr. told akshi not to eat to much ghee and bma and g3 got mad at him and akshi looked at him and he stop saying anything. and then akshi left in middel of food while she cant eat. she felt like throwing up and left and g3 and naitk look at each other.

    Mís everyone at dinning table and anshu ask if he can go to his frineds house and rj said ok. and he left. and here g3 is on phone with someone and start crying. bma and rb said eveything will be ok. she said some one need to go there to hospital in village for masi. and rb said he have work so cant go and will get the tickit and tell munna to book it. g3 said she dont wont naksh to know about it.

    naiti got package from the post. and said to him self that akshi will surprise and akshi is nocking on the door and natik open door and akshi see some rapped candy and candel in the room. natik told her that this candy is for her when she dont feel like eating. and when she is feel low the candel will give nice fragrance and she will feel good and then he play some soft music and said the soft music is good for her. and akshi is soo happy and said thanks and told natik that he is doing so much for her and hug him. and naitik show her the sonography photo he framed it and said this will be in front of her 24/7 and said to her this must be the report for dr. but for them its there dream and they hug and they both looked so cute.

    PrecapeĖ g3 is calling rj and told her that she have to go and ask her if she can come and stay with akshi. and rj is thinking naksh are there with g3 in her room.



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