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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2012 Written Episode

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    PART 1
    The epi starts with akshi and g3 discussing to go to the gym early.. they leave for the gym.. hoping to reveal the manager today.

    Shaurya comes inside when the sweeper asks him to be careful, the floor is wet.. he thanks him and goes inside.. he gets a call.. when naitik enters.. Shaurya cautions naitik about the wet floor.. and that he might slip! They share awkward glances..
    Akshi and g3 come to the gym. They come to know that manager has not yet arrived. Nevertheless, go inside and decide to change their clothes..

    A random customer is scolding dadu and telling him that he needs his mone back and he wants to leave the gym.. Shaurya is clueless as to why he wants to leave the gym? The customer is in no mood to argue. He says he will move the court if he doesn’t return the money! Naitik hears this, and comes to shaurya’s rescue.. they again share awkward glances.. after which shaurya takes the customer to his cabin.

    G3-akshi say that they thought that the mu will get over that day.. but..
    AKshi points out that how they both come to each others rescue, when a third person talks about the other.. g3 says that yes, there is still some hope!

    The manager doesn’t know that akshi is his boss’ wife.. He tries to fool her.. She traps him.. she calls naitik.. and proves that he is guilty.. even shaurya comes to know..

    Naitik takes the manager to the room..
    Everything comes out in front of g3, akshi as well as shaurya. The manager is fired.. Akshi informs them that it was the manager only who created mu between naitik and shaurya..otherwise how can two people who have so similar thoughts, aspirations, and spirits fight? Naitik and shaurya look at each other emotionally.

    Shaurya gets the lawyer’s call.. he says everything is ready? He seems to say yes. Shaurya says ok.. he will get the other papers ready. Shaurya leaves. Naitik also says he has some work..
    G3 and akshi also decide to change their clothes and depart..

    In the car..
    G3 and akshi say that they thought that the mu between naitik and shaurya will get over after they come to know about the managers truth. Suddenly g3 tells the driver to stop the car. Akshi asks why? What happened? G3 tells akshi to get a balloon from duggu. Akshi goes to the vendor.. but the balloons are over.. he had just sold the last balloon to one girl.. that girl overhears the convo between akshi and the vendor. She understands that akshi wants the balloon for her son.. she offers her balloon. Akshi says that she will take the balloon (after the girl insists many times) but she will buy something for the girl.. the girl agrees. Akshi buys a doll for the girl.. and takes the balloon..

    Shaurya and Naitik share an awkward glance.. shaurya awkwardly says that the papers of batwara are ready.. if there is no objection, they can proceed.

    PART 2
    Dj comes to know about g3 and akshi’s efforts. Dj asks what was the fruit? He is not that happy.. but g3 explains that she did all this for akshi.. dj nods.

    Everyone praises g3 and akshi to find out about the manager. Shaurya says yes.. and then informs everyone that Mr. Adams and his wife are gonna come over for lunch tomorrow. He explains how everything was decided 2 months ago.. and they didn’t know that Naitik and shaurya will fight! He says that this is very important for their business. He adds that he cant force Naitik to come.. if he wants to, he will..shaurya leaves
    Vish and the others wonder if Naitik would come. They tell vish to atleast invite dj and clan. Vish says that dj and he have decided to no longer interfere in the matter of their kids… They will sort it out themselves.

    PART 3
    Akshi calls Varsha. Varsha asks her whether naitik informed akshi about the lunch tomorrow. She tells her that it was predecided.. but she isn’t sure if naitik wud come or no. Akshi says she will try and talk to Naitik.. she says that she will first ask g3..

    Maheshwaris are deciding the menu.. they decide to have less spicy rajasthani food.. Kaki asks whether Naitik will come or no.. Shaurya seems to not care much.

    SS kitchen..
    Akshi tells g3 that she tried asking naitik.. but he didn’t answer. g3 tells akshi that she will try..

    Dining table..
    G3 asks naitik what to make for lunch.. naitik asks why are u asking me achanak se today..? G3 diverts the topic.. she tells naitik that theres some person whose grandson’s birthday is there.. she asks if he will come for lunch.. Naitik impulsively says that how is this possible, when he is not even going to akshi’s maayka? He goes to his room.. Akshi is sad..

    PRECAP : Varsha tells shaurya that he shud invite naitik.. shaurya says everything had happened in front of naitiik.. he knows the time, date, venue.. why does he need to invited now? Here akshi tells naitik to go for lunch.. naitik says isn’t shaurya handling? Naitik says business is not everything right? Akshi says exactly! Business is not everything, right?



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