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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th January 2011 Written Update

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    The episode starts with everyone waiting outside nandini's room as she has locked herself..Bhabhima and gayatri ask her to open the door..Akshara And rashmi ask her to do so, nandini is shown crying.Bhabhima faints.All take her to the room except akshara.In maheshwari house, sunaina asks rajshri not to get worried as akshara wont get blamed.Nani says why the singhanias allow for this marriage to happen ..n says its their mistake.Rajshri says akshara will be blamed as she is the one who made ther marriage possible.dadi makes rajshri understand tht it was due to consent of the family..Ratan, rajshri's brother calls.Nani will leave as ratan and his wife are going to haridwaar and nani will accompany them.

    In bhabhima's room, everyone are consoling abt nandu being alrite. Baisa says firstly marriage shudn hav happened as mohit is not of ther class and also he is younger to nandu.Gayatri, akshara tell these talks shudn be done now.Naksh say it might be a small mis understanding.All leav except akshara.Bhahbima asks akshara to take care of nandu.In nandu's room, gayatri, akshara and rashmi console her .Gayatri n rashmi leave.Akshara tells nandu not to worry as every1 are with her.naitik sees this .Akshara comes out of the room, he smiles at her and both leave.

    In Dj's room, baisa is questioning Dj how come he accepted for the marriage? DJ says he was againt it in the first but later naksh conviced , and mohit is naitik's friend and a nice guy too.Baisa is not convinved.In naksh room, naitik asks akshara if she's tired, she says a lil headache also.Naitik offers to press her head, she says no as its quite late and he might be tired too.Thy both hug after talking about mohini.

    Next day morning ,akshara is doing ramcharitamanas paat, nandu comes.All feel happy seeing her. AKshara finishes paat and gives prasad to every1.AKshara consoles Nandu saying she shud tell everything to the family as thy can solve things better.In mohit's house, he's seeing nandu's diary.His mom comes and tells she wont return now, so forget her.Mohit is sad. In maheshwari house, nani 's bags are packed.Rajshri and nani leave to meet akshara as nani wanted to.

    In singhania house dining table, all are sad..Nandu breaks the ice.She asks for forgiveness.All ask whts the reason for her being here.She says mohit thinks her as a responsiblity, she feels suffocated.Naitik is shocked.Rajbana says it might be ur assumtion, she says she's rite.Nandini says akshara too made me understand, baisa is shocked tht akshara knew everything.Baisa blames akshara for everything.gayatri sees nani and rajshri listening to all this.. DJ looks at them.Screen freezes.

    Precap : Baisa yelling in the kitchen abt why thy got mohini married wen thy knew abt the age issue.Naitik says guests are outside and these talks can be carried on later.Baisa yells saying ur least bothered abt ur sister, n more concerned abt ur sasuraal people.



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