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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2011 Written Update

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    The episode starts with nani calling out to baisa thus interupting while baisa was speaking to Usha about nandini.Nani asks her to start with the ceremony else the girls will waste time in dancing, baisa says she’s come here only to watch and asks them to start..Nani says she’s the eldest so everything will happen under her guidance.Rajshri , sunaina and dadi too second it.Nandini is releived.All the ladies leave.

    In singhania house, naitik is sitting alone, he’s feeling sad.He thinks if akshara was there, she would have supported him.He calls akshara,but she doesnt pick up the call.He calls shaurya, naitik asks for akshara.Shaurya says all the ladies are busy in the function especially akshara as she is the bua.Naitik says fine and cuts the call.He is sad.

    In maheshwari house,the ceremony is about to begin.. all the ladies surround varsha.Nani asks dhaniya and bhola to bring the stuff required for the rasam.Thy bring the necessary stuff.All the ladies bless varsha and give gifts starting from baisa.Bhola has a small gift in hand, but he hides it wen he sees everyone giving big ones.Dhaniya insists he shud give it.Bhola-dhaniya tells varsha tht thy want to give a small gift from their side though thy cant afford big ones like everyone else.Varsha says their blessing is more than enuf, and says bhola is baby’s kaka…Rajshri asks her to accept the gift.varsha does.Bhola-dhaniya are happy.Baisa comments saying the servants are given so much importance.Maheshwaris feel bad especially bhola-dhaniya.Bhabhima and gayatri say thos two are working frm a long time, baisa says there shud be difference between a owner and a servant.nani too seconds baisa.Bhola-dhaniya feel bad and thy leav, while akshara holds bhola’s hand and says bhola is my brother, and i tie rakhi to him every year.rajshri asks akshara to calm down.bhola-dhaniya leave.Baisa asks them to start with the ceremony.

    Back to singhania house, naitik is sitting alone in the dining area, maharaj ji comes with food.naitik asks for rajbana and DJ.. MJ says DJ is not hungry,RB(rajbana) might be coming now.Naitik feels bad.

    Akshara is keeping some thalis(plates) ready for a rasam, nani asks her to keep 101 Rs. as shagun(i dunno wht it means in english, google translator also gave dhoka) baisa says Rs.101 is kept by only kanjoos(stingy) people .All are shocked.Nani says its for the rasam, she can keep in lakhs, but as it is only for the rasam, thy keep Rs.101.Baisa says a ceremony is done according to the standards..All of them hav their mouths wide opened.Nani says this is their custom and thy wil follow it, and gives 101 to akshara to keep it in the plate.Rajshri gives 1001 for baisa’s sake.Nani is angry at it. Akshara keeps a coconut in the plate, baisa asks for swastik mark, akshara fastly makes a swastik.Nani fumes. All the ladies complement maheshwaris over the arrangements of the ceremony.Thy say next thy wil come to akshara’s godh bharai.Baisa says she’s waiting for tht day, gayatri says by god’s grace, it will happen when it has to.Gayatri and dadi tell the rasam shud be continues now.

    In singhania house, naitik gets up frm the dining table.RB comes, he asks naitik where he’s going.Naitik says DJ hasn eaten anything, rajbana says he’ll talk.Naitik says he’ll talk to DJ as he’s angry with him, but rajbana says he’ll talk first.

    All the ladies finish with puja, rajshri gives a gift to varsha which is given to akshara as she is the bua.dadi blesses varsha.dadi asks 7 married ladies to bless varsha by telling her their wish in her ear and making her eat sweet.The rasam starts with akshara, she tells varsha tht she wants her brother and Sister-in-la to be happy, and also well-being of the baby, followed by the other ladies.baisa says she is thirsty,so akshara leaves to get her water.
    Nani says we shud start with the other rasam which is tying a thread in varsha’s right wrist and says akshara will do as she is the bua.Baisa opposes saying this rasam shud be done by the eldest in the family, and as she is the eldest, she’ll do it.Nani opposes saying Akshara will do it, and says this is their family’s custom.Baisa gets offened and asks nani why thy called here then as she is saying its their family’s custom.Nani says this has happened frm before, and everything has turned out to be gud.dadi says the feeling is same so the way of doing rasam doesnt matter, and says we’ll carry on with both ways.The ceremony ends with tyinh the thread.Rajshri asks the ladies to sit in the hall for dinner, Usha asks nandini to come with them, she refuses and says she;ll help akshara in the kitchen.Baisa smells something’s fishly.

    In the kitchen, akshara and dhaniya are arranging for food.Akshara asks dhaniya to wash baisa nd nani’s plates frm gangaajal.Rajshri asks akshara to take care of guests outside, ao akshara leaves.Outside the kitchen, nandu is standing.Akshara sees her and walk away, nandu stops her and asks for forgivenes, she says she was selfish and has saddened everybody, and says she’s in a lot of tension and asks akshara to help.Akshara asks nandu to tell truth to everybody, as last time itself thy were in trouble for hiding truth.Nandini says she doesnt know wht to do and asks akshara to some how stop baisa frm meeting Usha.Akshara is tensed worrying how to stop them from meeting.Epi ends.

    Precap :: Rajbana asks DJ to come for dinner, as naitik has done the mistake,for tht why not eat. ..Rajbana says Dj is responsible fr naitik being like this today as he’s given him freedom which he dint give to Rajbana also.(rajbana was smiling and telling all this)While DJ is fuming with anger.



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