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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2011 Written Update

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    The episode starts with DJ telling naitik tht he’s wrong as tht trusted person of his is working from past 25 years.Naitik says tht person first gained trust and then has done golmaal in the accounts.DJ gets furious, he asks naitik not to teach him bussiness.Naitik says he has full proof about it, but not rite now and says he’ll show it soon.DJ is not convinvced.Naitik tells DJ tht he’s trusting a wrong person, DJ asks naitik not to make him understand anything and leaves.Naitik looks helpless.

    In maheshwari house, rajshri is introducing gauri behen to the singhania ladies.Rajshri tells gayatri tht their son(gauri behen’son, whose rishta is being considered for rashmi) has a steal bussiness and is very well known friend of vishambar.Gayatri tells gauri behen tht we have heard a lot of nice thinghs about you.Gauri behen asks for rashmi.Rashmi is shown talking to anshu, she asks anshu to give some gift he has, she tells anshu tht if he gives her the gift, she’ll give him a chocolate ..The ladies are seeing this and smile.Gayatri calls rashmi and introduces her to gauri behen, she says rashmi is indeed very pretty.Sunaina says akshara thinks rashmi is the raunak(charm) of singhania house.Some guests arrive.Rajshri goes to welcome them, one of them is Usha , nandini sees her and is shocked.Usha calls out for nandini who tries to escape.Usha asks if her MIL is here, nandini fumbles and says she dint come.All the ladies surround her.Usha asks why? Nandini says maybe cuz she hasn been invited.Rajshri is shocked, everyone else too.Baisa taunts saying how can thy come wen these ppl haven invited them only.She goes on saying maheshwaris hav different customs, thy hav invited whole of udaipur , but dint bother to invite nandini’s sasuraal.Dadi asks rajshri if she invited them.Rajshri turns towards nandini and says i did invite them, and we had a talk about it yesterday.Baisa and bhabhima asks nandini why she dint invite her MIL wen rajshri had told her to do so.Nandini says rajshri hadn told her anything.Rajshri is shocked.Baisa comments saying how can nandu remember wen nobody has given invitation. Nani says this is definitely rajshri’s mistake as she has forgotten to send invitation.Rajshri feels bad.Dadi says now we shud ask sorry, rajshri feels dejected, she apolosies to everybody.Akshara is sad, nandini leaves.

    In singhania house, rajbana tells naitik tht he shudn hav given contract to someone one without telling them, naitik says after all the golmaal, he had no other option left , but to give it to someone else.Rajbana tells naitik tht his this style of working is not rite.Rajbana asks why he dint show the proof tht time only? Naitik says he thought he was rite.Rajbana says he has never gone against DJ, he asks naitik why he cudn tell all this to him before taking any step.Naitik asks rajbana to talk to DJ.

    In maheshwari house, akshara tells nandini tht she knws her mother will never lie, and asks wht the matter is to nandini? Akshara says rajshri asked forgiveness for the mistake she has never done.Nandini apologises.Akshara says baisa will think rajshri dint invite them and dint take care of thr samdans(In-laws)…Nandini says she will ask sorry to rajshri.Akshara is sad.Dhaniya comes and says ceremony is about to begin,akshara leaves.
    The ladies say varsha is looking pretty, akshara comes…Thy ask why akshara is looking dull?Akshara says nothing like tht, she’s very happy for her bhabhi , also tht she’s becoming bua and says she’ll sing and dance to celebrate.Rashmi and akshara start with the dance.A song is played sayin wht relations the family members hav with the baby.A very beautifull picturization..(I cant explain it, u guys u have to watch it..)While everyone joins the dance in the last,baisa goes to Usha and asks if everything is alrite in nandini’s sasural.Nandu and akshara are worried.Epi ends.

    Precap:: Nani asks akshara to keep Rs.101 as shagun, baisa taunts saying such amount is kept only by kanjoos. (stingy).Nani says she can keep thousands but 101 only for the rasam.Baisa says money is kept seein standards.All are shocked.



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