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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2011 Written Update

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    Starts with all singhania's at the dining table g3 says she will send food for naksh but naitik brings akshi down g3 says akshi to eat but she wants to serve but all make her sit n eat the phone rings n g3 goes to take it. its rs she says nani has send gifts to akshara n she will come with them g3 tries to stay positive but breaks down n says rs that naksh has loss the baby rs gets shock . g3 cries loud n all comes near her n she says akshara she could't hide the pain in front of rs n akshara hugs g3 n both cries n bm n rashmi takes akshara up naitik says that he needs their help to come out of it we will have to hide our pain for akshara's sake n asks there help n all agrees to help naitik

    all are crying @ maheshwaris n vish gets a call n its naitik he says that don't come today as akshara will be more shattered n after things get normal to bing rs vish agrees n says that to take care of akshara

    naksh room
    naitik comes with socks n shirt n says that don't give gulabo that she don't know to do akshi gets down from the bed n gives him a hanker chief by mistake naitik asks aksharra why a u giving me a hanker chief she goes to gets socks bm tries to help her but naitik stops bm akshara give naitik socks n tells gulabo how to clean the shirt

    @ night shava are shown sad n rs n vish look s @ a photo where both of them with akshi n cries naksh a in bed akshi is hugging naitik n sleeping naitik looks @ akshara n sleeps but akshi is shown crying

    in the morning dj tells g3 to call akshi for pooja n says remember what naitik said n they all tries to hide the sadness in naksh room akshi is getting ready n naitik hugs her from behind n kisses her forehead n says i love u akshara tries to go but naitik says i want the answer n hugs her n says her not to cry g3 calls n akshi goes fro pooja dj asks why a u late n akshi says sorry dj, dj keeps his hand on akshis head teys starts the bajan all triehard to hide their tears naitik comes down and sit akshi has tears in her eyes n looks 2 naitik, naitik gves a positive look n ends on naitiks face

    Precap for monday
    Akshra playing with ananya naitik n varsha near the door watching akshara n naitik is happy seen akshi playing with ananya



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