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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2011 Written UPdate

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    The episode starts with bhabhima putting a blanket on DJ (daddaji), he asks her not to and says he's sad about the events tht happened. Bhabhima says Naitik is not at fault, he reacted that way cuz akshara was not feeling well, and says she agrees he shudn't have been that rude to baisa and asks DJ not to tell anything o Naitik.She assures DJ saying Naitik will surely apologise to him DJ says he's fine and sees the time and says we shud go for morning prayer as baisa wld have already come.Bhabhima says today gayatri will read out ramcharitamanas as akshara is not well.Dj nods

    In the hall, gayatri telling rajbana tht she hasn sung from a long tme, rajbana asks her not to worry.Baisa comes and asks akshara, just then akshara with her not-so-usefull nanands enter, baisa and mandru are happy while gayatri and bhabhima ask why she got up early as she's not feeling well.Akshara says she's fine now and asks everyone to come to the prayer.Akshara starts with the ramcharithamanas, all are sitting listening to her giving toothpaste ad type smile.

    n the garden, DJ sitting alone, baisa comes and asks if he's not feeling well, DJ says nothing of tht sort and nothing can be hid frm her, and says he's feeling cold.Baisa says she'll make kaada for him, DJ gets excited and says not you as it wil be very bitter. Both laugh,Baisa and her mandru talk abt yesteryears as to how DJ used to run wen he was given kaada .Just then akshara comes tea, accompanied with gayatri and bhabhima.Baisa as usual asks akshara if she knows to prepare kaada,as DJ is not feeling well.Akshara asks DJ, wht happned? He says nothing, baisa tells akshara the ingredients for kaada and asks her to prepare it asap.Gayatri stops akshara and asks her to get shawl instead, and says she'll prepare kaada DJ asks akshara about her health, she says fine.Naitik comes and greets Baisa and DJ, DJ looks angry.Naitik asks akshara to give him his grey socks, akshara softly tells naitik tht DJ is not feeling well.Naitik asks DJ about it and tells him not to come to office as he'll handle everything.DJ looks at bhabhima who asks him to stay back.Akshara asks naitik to have tea with everyone, he says he'll hav it later and asks her to give him his socks.Bhabhima tries saying something, but DJ interupts and asks her to get kaada. Akshara looks at both of them.Naksh leave with bhabhima.

    In the hall, naksh see gayatri who doesnt talk to them , naitik asks sorry.Gayatri doesnt answer him, and says she'll go give kaada to DJ.Akshara says she'll give it.
    Naitik asks gayatri to forgive him as he wss angry tht time.Gayatri says he's grown up now and shud behave like this.Naitik says akshara is anaemic, hence its not the time for planning a baby, gayatri says we all have had children and we know how to take care of akshara and asks naitik to teach her anything and leaves .Naitik looks upset.

    In maheshwari house, vishambar and kaka talking about some client having invited them for pooja, vishambar asks everyone to get ready in the evening.Dadi says its cold , so she wont be coming.Nani says without dadi, she too wont come.

    In singhania sadan, baisa instructing akshara on some grains, akshara does it all, baisa blesses her. .Nandu comes, baisa asks her to come sit with her.Nandini does so. She asks baisa if her headache is fine? Baisa says yes.Baisa asks nandini if mohit called., and asks if her in-laws keep calling her, as in olden days wen a gal used to go to her maayka, she wldn be allowed to stay there for long .Nandini says yes and says she'll go some time soon Baisa asks her to call up mohit as she wants to talk to him, nandu says she'll make baisa talk to mohit in the evening.Baisa leaves.
    Akshara sees nandu sitting sad, she asks wht happened?

    Nandu says baisa was asking about Mohit, akshara asks if she spoke to him, nandu nods.Akshara asks her to do so and says naitik and she will talk to mohit .Nandu refuses and says its between hubby and wife, thy'll sort it. Thy see bhabhima coming, so thy keep quiet.Bhabima notices and asks wht happened, nandu says nothing and leaves.

    Bhabhima in kitchen, gayatri there too.Bhabhima says DJ is angry as naitik dint speak to him, an did ot even apologise .gayatri says naitik thinks he's not at fault. And says these days he's not listening to elders.Gayatri says she did a good thing by not allowing akshara to prepare kaada as baisa wld have found faults if akshara had done anything wrong.Bhabhima agrees.Both say thy r feeling for akshara as she doesnt spend too much time in the kitchen now. Maharaj ji comes and tells baisa is hungry, gayatri and bhabhima rush out.

    In naksh room, akshara is reading some magazine, naitik calls and asks if she took medicines , she says yes and asks wht he's doin? He says nothing and my video gets cur...grrrrrr

    In maheshwari house, all are ready to go to the puja, rajshri instructs dhaniya to keep the house clean , anshu asks kaki if he take jimmy along, nani says jimmy will spoil puja,so dont.All leave

    In singhania house, at the dining table, baisa says she's hungry and asks DJ if he's feeling fine.DJ says he's fine.Baisa asks DJ not to work anymore as he is old. Gayatri seconds it saying naitik and Rajbana will handle everything.DJ taunts saying wht will naitik handle the bussiness .All look worried.DJ says ("main jawaan hooon"), i mean not old and says he has potential to work. Thy start their fav timepass, eating. Baisa tastes the daal and says it has burnt geera in it, who prepared it? Gayatri and bhabhima fumble. Akshara maate takes all the blame , gayatri just looks on .Baisa begins her jaap of generations , akshara asks for forgiveness and leaves.Baisa asks bhabhima to teach akshara how to cook Bhabhima and gayatri exchange looks Episode Ends.

    precap :: Naitik comes to DJ's room, bhabhima tells DJ see naitik has come as i had told you , DJ looks happy. Naitik tells DJ he wants to speak something important



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