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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2011 written update

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    Part 1

    starts of with buaji saying that its her wish to do the pooja at her brothers house she thought of this from the village and there were two weddings in the house and the pooja needs to be done, and she is saying that she wont fast hasnt she ever kept a fast before, gyatri says its not like that she fasts on all occasions with us, buaji says what happened now then akshara says its not like that buaji says i am saying wont you listen to me. has your parents thought you this. dadaji says its not like that didi akshara parents will never teach her wrong and he tells akshara to keep the fast as its didi wish and only for one day, buaji says leave it. rajbana says no the havan will happen as its your wish and we all will be happy sometimes kids dont understand thats why akshara must have said it she fasts everytime and will do this time also, akshara said dont misunderstand me i will keep the fsat you just tell me what preperations for the pooja needs to be done. she says you need to get up at 4:00am eat properly then no one will touch the food all day, @shava room they are sleeping and jimmy escapes from the basket and runs in the house (whats the point of this scene ) back to singhaniyas akshara tells maharji to make the flour as puri will be made in the morning she says to herself that if i helped in the kitchen work would be done faster, gyatri and bhabhima come there akshara says all the preps are done, gyatri says your not feeling well and keeping the fast, bhabhima says i will talk to baisa and say your not keeping this fast i should said it earlier but she was so much angry, akshara says i am fine and one day fast wont make difference gyatri says ok but look after yourself drink water all night and eat properly in the morning, bhabhima says if you feel weak brake the fast they tell her to rest they will see kitchen work @meshwaris: nani is sleeping in her room when jimmy barks and trys climbing on her bed she curses him saying he creates trouble in the night also (looks like jimmy loves nani)

    Part 2

    nani says to jimmy go away, he continues playing in the room she says i will tell you in the morning wait and see , @singhaniyas akshara comes in her room she sees natik sleeping and smiles she takes her shawl and says its so cold she says if i fast then i wont be able to take the medicans she takes them out natik asks her for the time she says quater past four he says why you awake early she says you are forgetting buaji is here and the pooja needs to be done he goes why you taking the medicans out they need to be taken with food, akshara says i was putting them aside so i dont forget he says ok i am going back to sleep by the way your not fasting are you. Gyatri and bhabhima call her and walk in the room they say good your ready, bhabhima says hurry up baisa will be coming for breakfast the pooja needs to be started on time and gyatri says the punditji will also be coming call nandani on the way, downstairs everyone is serving baisa, bhabhima says the fast will start at 6 and gyatri says eat properly you have to stay without food and water all day, baisa says my wish came true by coming to mandru house and fasting with daughter and daughter in law everyone eat theres not enough time akshara sits down when baisa asks for the salt she puts it in for her everyone finishes eating and goes to see the preprations when akshara is about to eat she rem she hasnt taken medicans but decides to eat first when buaji calls her (someone let the poor girl eat) buaji tells her to put the clothes away and iron the pooja cloth and do it quickly she will go and see the pooja arrangments, gyatri comes to clear the table she notices akshara hasnt eaten anything and calls her she goes to baisa room and says eat your breakfast i will see all this she tells akshara to eat all the work will be done she says i told you not to fast if your keeping it for baisa happiness eat properly atleast. Gyatri tells her to eat she will come akshara finishes eating when the alarm clock rings she says its 6 i havnt taken my medican

    baisa says to bhabhima your house seesm so nice now she tells akshara not to make mistake in this pooja and get the flowers and what things are used wash them 3 times in gangajal, bhabhima says i will do it baisa says no you see the arrangment here i told akshara she will do it and she tells akshara if she kept this fast akshara says yes she says if anyone hasnt i know then akshara says why would i lie to you, (buaji is annoying) gyatri tells rashmi to go and see if natik is awake or not when natik comes down she tells akshara to serve him breakfast she will bring tea, natik says why have you kept your medicans like this take them she says i will later when gyatri comes with the tea akshara says shall i serve you breakfast gyatri says there is no time your dadaji and dad did it ages ago she leaves natik says you sit down with me and eat breakfast and eat your medicans too akshara says i did it in the morning with everyone he says do a bit with me she says leave it everyone is here.

    Part 3

    akshara sits with natik on the dining table and he says that you have to take these medicans on time or you will fall ill your not a little child that i have to force you to take them, akshara says i will take them he says take them in front of me she goes i cant take them natik he goes why she goes that i (cute naksh scene) shifts to meshwaris anshu is walking and hides jimmy in a blanket so no one can see him he puts him on the swing and says we have to hide and play, he turns around nani is there he says i wont play with him but please dont tell ma i promise. nani says i seen enough of your drama he came and slept in my room and didnt let me sleep all night his courage is building up i am fed up of him i will tell you mum and get him out, anshu says dont do that nani i wont play with him but dont tell ma nani says ok i will listen to you but you have to listen to me he says ok i will listen to everything she wisphers something in his ear he says ok nani @singhaniyas naksh are on the dining table still natik says eat this medican akshara says please the taste is so bitter you keep it i will eat later on, he says eat it with milk i will call gulabo when dadaji and rajbana call him and tell him to hurry up they have to return eary in the evening, he says he is ready bhabhima says come early after the pooja its going to be family pooja, natik says i was thinking that you will be in a pooja i will go to my friends birthday party its been many days i will return before the pooja ends, baisa says you wont sit in pooja, dadaji says you know today is pooja thats why everyone is going early in the office and guests will come and you want to go for outings all these ladys are fasting for the happiness and piece of this house dont you have anything to do with that, rajbana says come on time he says i will and they leave

    Part 4

    @meshwaris: anshu is masaging nanis legs she says do it more harder he does it too hard she says is it leg or hammer he says can i go and study she says shall i tell your mum he starts masaging her legs again, @singhaniyas: everyone greets the ladys and introduces them to baisa, one of the lady says to nandani that you are here these days, she says yes akshara tells everyone to sit down the pooja is about to start, baisa says todays everyones wishes will be filfulled, the pooja begins akshara is feeling a bit dizzy gyatri notices this, the panditji tells them to stand up for arti, bhabhima and gyatri do the arti and they are about to give it to akshara who faints they all get worried what happened to her, and tells someone to bring water for her bhabhima is giving air form he dupatta she tells nandani to phone the doctor a lady says dont worry you have given children birth as well why akshara fainted dont you understand, congrats your going to become a dadi (whats the point in calling a doctor if these ladys assume themselves as on ) everyone gets happy baisa says god listened to us ends on akshara fainted

    Precap: Natik tells the ladys that I just want to inform that we dont want a child yet we need time baisa says how much time you need, natik says you dont worry about us



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