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    Default I will talk about my relationship when the time is right: Hina Khan

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    Normally, whenever our editor would tell us to get an interview of Hina Khan, who plays Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we always thought that it would be tough as this Kashmiri girl from Delhi is a very private person. And as the media knows that she prefers to finish her work and go home rather than talking to the media for hours. But this time, we were lucky as the actress quickly responded to our SMS and we had a long uninterrupted chat on what makes her and the four year long Star Plus show click.


    How are you feeling now that your show has taken a four year leap?

    Superb, there is a lot of excitement and a chance to play a business woman after essaying a housewife for so long. On the first day of the shoot of my new avatar, I fumbled a lot with the business lines as I have never done this kind of role earlier. But now everything is normal and am enjoying it. This fresh new approach is akin to me doing a brand new show. My dressing style has also changed.

    Has Akshara undergone a metamorphosis ?

    Akshara has not changed in terms of her attitude and in relation with her in-laws. Just that, she has become more responsible and is taking better care of them. She has also become stronger than before.

    What does she feel now?

    Since she has now taken over the business with Naitik( Karan Mehra) in coma and father- in- law suffering from Alzheimer's disease, she does not have time to take care of her son Anshuman. So, his dadi ( mother-in-law) does rankle me, but in a positive manner. I feel left out of his conversations. Having said that, I donít have anything against my mother- in- law.

    Can we see a clash between Naitik and you?

    In the future, they might or not play around with track where our business clients tell a fully recovered Naitik that his wife would handle their work better .

    What do you feel about working women?

    Many women do juggle between both domestic and professional life but, at a certain level, they get negligent towards their domestic responsibilities for they already have enough on their plate . Having said that, Akshara is really putting an effort to balance both. She gets up early and cooks before going to office, she also does the puja as other housewives do.

    Your show has been on air for so long. Did you ever feel the need to move out especially at times when media reports were saying that Star might yank it off?

    It is a matter of great pride to be a part of show which has now gone into its fifth year, especially at time when we see projects going off air in three months flat. We have been prepared for the worst since the past two years, but having said that, I donít think that it will happen any time soon for we are getting great response post the leap .

    The fresh TRP rating on 19th December, will definitely prove our confidence right and I am sure we will be number one for some more weeks to come. Let me be honest and admit that over the past four years, at times, I would feel monotonous and cry for something different, but now I am getting what I wanted. I left Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and a few other big shows for I just did not have time from Yeh Ristha. I will always be loyal to this show as long as it lasts.

    What next would you want to lay your hands on after Yeh Ristha?

    I would like to play a bubbly, cheerful and mastikhor character, something completely different from Yeh Risha. I would also love to be a part of Jhalak if I get another chance in future.

    What keeps you so grounded compared to your compatriots who have a much more flamboyant lifestyle?

    Both me and Karan( Karan Mehra) have not changed. We donít smoke nor booze. Normally that is the first things that youngsters in the industry get habituated to. I think my upbringing does not let me go wayward. I also have the attention of my family; I donít party and hardly get 2/3 hours in the evening. That time, I rather spend with my family. Once in a while, going to a pub is ok, but how can one manage when you dance away all night and then next day go to work?

    Who is your best fan?

    I have a fan from Kolkata who messages me every day since the show has gone on air and gives me her views. She really loves the current track as well. I hardly respond to her more than once or twice a month but she gets very happy when I do. Otherwise, she is very well behaved and never troubles me.

    Any wrong fans ?

    You do meet all types of fans but the important thing is to avoid contact with certain kind of people. It also depends on the way you behave.

    There were some press reports about you being involved with somebody from the DKP (Director Kut Production) unit. Have things moved on that front?

    I am a very private person and hence would not like to discuss my personal life. I really felt bad when sections of the media carried the story when I was denying it . May be, I will talk about it when the time is right.



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