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    Default 'Marriage is a beautiful start'- Karan Mehra

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    A lovely contrast to commitment phobic bachelors, Karan Mehra vowed in front of the world in 2009 that Nisha Rawal was his soul-mate. The TV industry’s doted couple will be wedded in holy matrimony on November 24th this year. Karan Mehra speaks

    How did you and Nisha meet?
    Nisha and I met each another initially in a professional set up. I was working as a fashion stylist for her film Hastey Hastey. Gradually we grew into friends and fell in love. In 2009, September 10th, I gave her a promise ring in front of the entire media and declared her as the love of my life.

    Both of you are in the TV industry. Does being in the same profession help?
    If you are in the same profession you do have a better understanding. We can understand the constraints of working late and overworking in our profession. We can also guide one another well in professional matters.

    Will you invite the media and your colleagues to your wedding?
    I will surely invite my colleagues. Journalists are most welcome to attend my wedding. However I want to keep my wedding a private event and wouldn't be too comfortable with media coverage especially video coverage on news channels. Print journalists are most welcome to write about the wedding if they want. I am also open to sharing the photos of the wedding maybe after a month.

    Which Indian communities do you and your wife hail from? Which community's wedding rituals will you follow?
    I am a Punjabi and my wife is a Rajput. It will be a Punjabi wedding. There aren't much differences in our rituals.

    I think it's good that you had a long courtship of five years. Many couples tie the knot after a very short courtship. Is that wise to do?
    It depends. Various people have various mindsets. We wanted to take it slow and steady and ensure that we were compatible. We have become much like one another over time.

    Have you planned for a honeymoon?
    Maybe a month after the wedding we could go for a honeymoon somewhere in Europe.

    What is marriage to you in one word?
    Some say marriage is 'the end of life'. I say 'marriage is a beautiful start'.



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