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    Default A couple should have a child only through mutual understanding: Neha Saroopa

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    Having a child is usually the next a wedded couple wants especially in our country. But what if one of the partners does not want a kid?

    Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Director’s Kut) is toying with this idea currently on the show.

    Rashmi (Neha Saroopa), who has been married to Nikhil (Ashish Kapoor) for around four years, wants to have a kid but her husband is against it. As shown earlier, Rashmi is very attached to Naksh, from the time he was a baby and seeing his naughtiness, she will feel like having a baby of her own. Not getting enough support from Nikhil, she will confide in Akshara (Hina Khan), who will once again come to the fore and help the distraught Rashmi.

    We buzzed up Neha, who said, “Yes, Rashmi is upset because Nikhil does not understand her emotions and that is causing a rift among the couple. But personally I feel that a kid should only be planned through mutual understanding as it changes the complete equation of the relationship. They should take their own time before bringing a life on this earth.”

    We asked Neha as to what should a couple do if a partner is not ready for a kid in real life? “Well I think that they should both sit and discuss the matter rather than getting into fights on the topic. It is very important to understand the other partner’s view on why he/she doesn’t want a child and only then come to a conclusion.”

    Truly put and we hope Rashmi and Nikhil can sort their differences soon and enjoy their parenthood.



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