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    Default 3rd April Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai written update

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    Akshara's Friends are in the canteen and certain questions r put forward in front of Naitik which he finds difficult to answer..and thinks about the Answers... Be it if Akshara doesnt know how to cook... To which Naitik first replies whatever she cooks he wud have but wud be a lie..He says Akshara wont have to work as there is Maharaj ji at his place cooks and she would just have to instruct the menu.... While on other hand at Naitik's place Gaytri conversing with Bhabhi maa says that she is waiting for her Daughter in law to come and she wud eat dishes made by her...Maharaj ji Questions whether Akshara knows Cooking... Gaytri and Bhabhi Maa Look confused...

    Naitik is put forward question if Akshara gets angry how wud he make her mood right..Naitik is confused...Akshara looks down with Keen look in her face to know what his answer would be.....However, Mohit tries to help Naitik he says he wud bring moon and stars for her...The girls arent impressed..Mohit asks to ask a simple question girls say first reply this...honestly Naitik says for him Akshara's happiness wud matter the most no matter what he wud try his level best to keep her happy...However simultaneously Gaytri is called out by Rajshekhar and she slips he holds her Bhabhi maa comes and calls out and in the process of getting saved from an embarassing situation Gaytri sprains her ankle... Rajshekhar applies haldi(tamrind paste) on her ankle... Dadaji comes and huffs... Bhabhi Maa takes the paste and then applies it and when Dadaji asks she tells him that Gaytri Sprained her ankle....

    The girls then ask Naitik whether he would allow Akshara to study in the college further, Naitik tries to avoid that question..however when the girls persist him to tell the answer he says the answer depends on Akshara..She says she wants to study further and when today her teacher told Varsha one needs to think about their life she understood its important for her to study for herself..Girls are happy and pass Naitik and make announcement..Naitik is embarased..However Jamal chacha is praised by girls for saying that NaKsh are made for each other Jodi at a single glance,he says Akshara wud keep any house happy and would make a perfect daughterin law..Naitik is genuinely Happy... On other hand Dadaji tells Rajshekhar to call up and make things clear in front of Maheshwari family before marriage that to stop Akshara's further education..Bhabhi Maa Rajshekhar try to say Askahra is not even married and it wont look nice if they interfere about Akshara's education premarriage but in vain.

    NaKsh leave the college campus going in opposite direction with smile on their face with their respective Best friends..Akshara shares her happiness with varsha in the college campus about speaking her mind out in front of Naitik..Varsha is tensed as she noticed Naitik's expression when Akshara said she desires to study and finish her graduation... However on other hand Mohit asks Naitik that now that Akshara said she wants to Study further wud he support her.... Naitik tells Mohit he wud but things wont be easy and even if he tells him the reason he wont understand....

    Both NaKsh reach their respective house and a song is picturized on them(a beautiful scene) and both imagine each other and are lost in each other's thoughts.......

    ShaVa have a conversation when Shaurya comes back from the office and Varsha asks him about education and whether he wud have supported her if the family didnt wished to let her study further....however it turns into a heated argument and Shourya gets annoyed with Varsha and leaves...

    Naitik is in his room looking at his laptop and Akshara's picture when Rashmi comes... She tells him that about his decision of not letting Akshara study further..Naitik says he never said that she wont study further...Rashmi says that Akshara was indeed happy when she got the admit card..However Everyone has considered Naitik's reply as his decision of not wanting Akshara to study further as she heard Dadaji passing this decision and things wont be easy anymore... The episode ends on Naitik's face!!

    Preview Naitik tries to talk about Akshara's education with Dadaji and looks at his mother

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