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    Default In real life, I am not a tharki like Dodo: Anshuman Malhotra

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    Not everyone gets a chance to live his dream and that too quite easily. Luckily for Anshuman Malhotra, he is one of the few who has got the role of the fun character of Dodo in Channel V’s Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri (Bolt Media) as soon as he passed out of his school.

    We decided to get talking with the young boy and here is what he said. “My character is a complete chulbula guy, the male version of Anushka Sharma, who has the urge to romance and make out 24X7 in his mind. He is also this best jugaad in his brother’s college where he spends most of his time instead of going to his school. His only dream is to go to Bangkok and make out with some hot girls there,” laughed the young cute guy.

    How much of Dodo is in Anshuman, we asked. “A lot of it! The shaitani has been there from childhood. I have been the naughtiest boy teasing all my friends around, but yes I am not tharki like him for sure,” he quipped.

    Letting in details about how he grabbed the offer, Anshuman shared, “After I got done with my schooling, we shifted to Mumbai since my dad’s business is based here. I got myself enrolled in an acting school and was also auditioning at the same time. Once I was hanging around in the Balaji office when the creatives of the show noticed me and asked me to audition. Soon all the three characters got finalised and we did a mock shoot and it suited well and we got rolling.”

    “Thankfully for us, all three of us (Mohit Talwani and Chirag Madhubani) who play brothers are closer off the screen. We are together all the time and have fun on the sets. We always tease each other and joke around and that helps the chemistry come across on screen too,” he further added.

    Talking about acting courses, he averred, “It does hold importance for whatever is your field, training always helps as it polishes and grooms one for the better. When I started shooting I realised how important all the exercises have been.”

    There is also a strong buzz that the young man has debuted on the big screen already playing the young Shahid Kapoor in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider. When we quizzed on that, Anshuman averred, “It’s too early to talk about it; so I don’t think I will like to comment on it.”

    And finally the guy who is the acclaimed producer Vikas Gupta’s cousin, talked of whether his journey in the industry has been easy enough. “See, it’s not been a long time since I started acting. Although he has helped me meet people I don’t think anyone can work in the industry without talent. The numerous grilling auditions that I gave are a proof to it and I am proud of the fact that I bagged my lead project only with my sheer capabilities,” averred Anshuman.

    The boy who now wants to build a career in films concluded, “I can play my age in this show, since it is a youth show. However, I will never be able to relate myself in a saas-bahu role. Hence movies and light hearted youth shows will be my prime focus.”

    Way to go Anshuman!



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