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    Default Channel V's Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri track: In a bid to impress Devika, Sid to take up a job

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    True love makes one conquer mountains!!!

    And this will be the exact feelings of Sid (Mohit Tolani) in Channel Vís Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri (Bolt Media).

    Well, wondering why we are saying this? Here we get you details.

    As viewers know Sid is head over heels in love with Devika (Pooja Bhamrah) but the girl finds him irresponsible and immature. And that has caused the young guy a lot of pain.

    To overcome the situation, Sid will now plan to get himself a job and impress his dream girl. He will get started in a call centre and embark upon a new journey.

    So will he manage to be successful?

    Sadly no!

    Shares a source, ďNot used to the chaotic schedule and work pressure, the boy will be left all exhausted. He will have a tough time dealing with the job and dozing off on any chance he would get.Ē

    When we spoke to Mohit he said, ďAlthough Sid will have a lot of difficulty, he will work hard and love would obviously give him a lot of strength.Ē

    Only time will tell whether Sid will achieve in getting his lady love.



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