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    Default I am not a heartbreaker in real life - Mohit Tolani

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    The good looking and charming Mohit Tolani is winning hearts playing the eldest brother in Channel Vs Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri (Bolt Media). The show about three brothers has the guy living the life of a stud with women going gaga over him. And with the sexual appeal that he exudes in real life, we guess he fits the character to the T.

    Recently in a conversation with Mohit, he talks about his experience being part of the show. So far so good! I have spent some amazing times in this industry. I have learned so much and the learning continues. Life has taken a new turn for the better after I moved from Dubai.

    Talking about his life in Dubai, Mohit shares, I always had this independent streak in me, so while I was studying I also took up a job in the logistics department of a company for two years. I always wanted to open my own cafe cum hookah bar which I did with my best friend Bhavesh. We named it F.R.I.E.N.D.S (smiles) and it was a great experience as we got some superb insights on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

    So how come you moved to Mumbai then? I would say destiny always has its own plan. Interestingly, both are completely different fields. But honestly I absolutely love every bit of it. Its like living in a fairytale world where everything seems totally rocking, he answers.

    Your character Sid is also a young independent guy, so how much do you relate and differ from it? Sid is a spoilt brat, he loves attention and he gets it without much of an effort. But behind this heartbreaker is a sensitive brother who has his heart at the right place.

    Sid is a bully who wants things his way. Sid is very different from the real me. I have a very grounded upbringing with my priorities set in life. Unlike Sid I am flexible towards people and their personal opinions. And to tell all the girls out there, I am also not a heartbreaker (winks), he concludes.

    Well, we hope thats the case Mohit!



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