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    Default Acting gives me a different high - Chirag 'Cheeku' Madhubani

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    The shy and meekly Cheeku played affluently by the young actor Chirag Madhubani has managed to bring a new charm to the fun show Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri (Bolt Media). The Channel V show is about three brothers completely different from each other, striving with the challenges of teenage and complications that comes along with it.

    Recently we spoke to the guy and he shared how much fun the trio has on sets. “Mohit (Tolani), Anshuman (Malhotra) and I have loads of fun as we have really bonded well with each other. The show is gaining tremendous response from viewers and we are basking in the glory of the success. Personally I never thought the show would do so well, and thus it’s quite a surprise with people watching our show so dearly and liking our characters so much.”

    The actor who started his journey with a course from Barry John further shared, “Post my course, I did a workshop and was with the team for around a year. I was also auditioning on and off. And all this while I was also making short films and was indulging a lot in writing. I wrote quite a lot for myself in this period to polish my skills (smiles).”

    So how did he manage to find his calling in acting? “I have always been a performer and used to be quite active in college festivals. Post college I started working as a social media executive but I wanted to explore my talent. That was when my mom suggested that I join Barry John. Acting gives me a different high and when you honestly act, it’s a beautiful feeling.”

    So does he think that an acting training helps newcomers? “It does help for then you adapt to technical jargons easily on the sets. You understand filmmaking much better. And since all three of us have been trained in acting, we actually sit and discuss our scenes and add a lot more to it. But as for training under Barry John, it has not only changed me as an actor but also as a person. I have become humble to things and have grown quite mature.”

    So how did he manage to portray the character so aptly? “A lot of work has gone into it and I actually had to work on the back story of the character to present the character well. The character had to be at par with the others although he isn’t the usual smart, funny guy. All that is common between us is that we both are very nice guys.”

    Cheeku is also the unlucky one when it comes to girls, what’s the case with Chirag? “I am quite fine when it comes to girls, although I will never just go and talk to a random girl just like that. Actually I am a combination of all three for I have my dude moments like Sid and know how to get my work done like Dodo (laughs).”

    We wish you great luck ahead Chirag!



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