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    Default Yeh Ishq Haaye [Episode 198]-29th June 2011 written update

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    The episode begins with Manjari in the cafe thinking that she have to prove herself and beat Mallika who is an RJ for so long, and be careful that Mallika dont cheat again. Manjari writes her script and then thinks what to do to beware of Mallika and Akshay is also busy in meeting. Manjari keeps her script in purse, just then peon cums and tells that Tushar called her. Manjari goes forgeting her purse on the table.At reception, JC is telling Sam that there is so much excitement for this war of RJs and so much media has cum and all. While Sam is sweetly admiring her happiness and tells that he is also happy seeing her happy. JC asks whose voice does he like Mallika or Manjari? Sam says that he likes her voice. JC blushes......Read more




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