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    Default Yeh Ishq Haaye 5th February 2011 Written Update

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    On station, Manjari is still waiting and there is announcement that the train for Mumbai has come. Manjari thinks " Oh god train has come, Ranbir has not come yet, whatif police didnt let go Ranbir then, now what to do I cant even go back home, I hav only left the home "....Manjari again waits on the bench....waiting for Ranbir
    Ranbir is driving the car and Akshay too driving searching for Manjari
    Ranbir calls Manjari.
    Manjari : Hello Ranbir where r you ? I am on platform no 2

    Ranbir : I have not come yet.. i will come soon. Ur dad and Akshay created a big scene here... I think they are following me thats why I changed my way

    Manjari : what to do now?

    Ranbir : You go and sit in the train

    Manjari : But I am alone

    Ranbir : Dont worry I am with you...I will cum soon....I might get from the next station...Ohk.

    And hangs up the phone....Manjari is having a flashback where she had come to station with her family to go some place. And she gets lost on the station. Her family is searching for her. Manjari had gone to take icecream where a man was staring at her...and she comes hurriedly back to her family shouting for her papa. Her papa says "I am always with you my girl"....Flashback ends with tears in Manjari's eyes

    Ranbir calls Akshay

    Ranbir: You got Manjari . How will you got I didint told you where she is?..are u seriously finding her? Or just said like this only......

    Akshay : I will findmanjari anyhow....

    Ranbir : I like your confidence...Common I will tell you where she is? But dont forget my challenge...Not the one of finding Manjari the other one....Actually Manjari is on railway sation... The train about to leave within 10 minutes. If you can stop her then try to stop.

    Akshay drives the car hurriedly....On the station, train is about to leave. Akshay calls Manjari but she dont pick up her call. Manjari remembers that Ranbir told her to get into the train...Akshay reaches the sation searching for Manjari....Manajri is moving towards the trrain in slow motion. She is about to get in the train but Akshay catches her hand from behind .....

    Akshay : Where are you going?

    Manjari : What you have to do? You mind your own business.. Dont follow me

    Akshay: This is stupidity Manjari, plz listen to me...

    Manjari : I know what i am doing, You dont tell me anything.

    Akshay : I know you are angry right now. thats why not listening to me. Just think once that you are doing such a big mistake And i will not let you do this.

    Manjari : Whats your problem? Why you are cuming in my way? I will meet whomever i want, will go wHerever i want. You dont have any right on me....

    Akshay : Dont I have any right? Am I not ur friend?

    Manjari : No u r not my friend. There is no relationship with you..

    Akshay : Ohk fine...there is no realtionship with me...but your family, they are waiting for you..That is your home,you can go back anytime. I promise no one will ask you anything. . .

    Manjari : I told you I dont want to go anywhere. you are responsible for all this. Bcoz of you I took this decision

    Akshay: whatever punishment you want to give for my mistakes, i will accept it.

    Manjari : You are the one who turned my parents against Ranbir. ranbir's parents were supoosed to come home to talk of our marriage, but everything changed...

    Akshay : manjari plz come home..I will tell you everything ....Manjari Stop ...Manjari turns to go inside butAkshay catches her hand again

    Akshay : For the person you are leaving us all, that person has gone to Mumbai. He has taken advantage of your innocence, he send you to staion and took a flight for Mumbai....I told his truth to everyone hence he is taking revenge

    Manjari : Enough do you have to say anything? Ranbir and I are going together to Mumbai. Ranbir told me that u and dad had gone to his home with police. I dont want to listen to you anymore bcoz I dont trust you anymore
    And she goes inside tha train Akshay gets a call from Ranbir

    Ranbir : What happened? Why arent you telling anything? The train might have gone by now..Dont worry I will send you Mumbai's address"
    The trainstarts moving and Manjari is searching for Ranbir on the platform from the train whereas Akshay is on the platform. The train catches the speed but there is no trace of Ranbir. Manjari is upset and remembering past Ranbir moments (YIH sad track is played) She removes her Ponds diary "Dear Diary, For the first time in my life I am going out of Agra alone. Never thought that I will go like this. It seems this is love, where one have to break all the relations and walk alone....... I am missing you Ranbir and I am sure you are also missing me ranbir. Come Soon" and closes her diary. Manjari sees someone's shadow coming...and gets happy but is shocked to see the person( the face is not shown)


    PRECAP : A man is sitting next to Manjari and saying to do friendship with himsince its a long way to go alone. Akshay is sitting in front of manjari but not saying a word. Manjari says that she she is not alone and her to-be husband will get in the train on next station



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