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    Default Raman to win the Best CEO award; Ruhi to get locked inside a room at the awards event in Yeh Hai Moh

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    Star Plusí Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) is gearing up for the awards night wherein the worthy CEOs will get awarded. While Ashok, the ex-boss of Raman (Karan Patel), has been winning the award for eight consecutive years, this year will surely see a change!

    In tonightís episode, Raman will be seen winning the Best CEO Award for outstanding growth in his career. This will irk both Ashok and Shagun (Anita Hassnandani), who is Ramanís ex-wife.

    Tonightís episode will also introduce the character of Dimple, who happens to be Simmiís (Ramanís sister) sister-in-law. Dimple who will accompany Raman and little Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan) to the awards function will be a typical wannabe who is always fiddling with her mobile. She will be a person who will click her picture and whatsapp it to her friends asking how she looks.

    In the function, Dimple will click Shagunís picture since she wants a dress similar to what she is wearing.

    She will immediately whatsapp it to Simmi who will be stunned to see Ramanís ex-wife. She will tell Dimple over the phone that Shagun happens to be Ruhiís mother. Ruhi who would be standing beside Dimple will overhear this conversation, and will run behind Shagun, only to get lost and get bolted inside a room.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who will be at the event with Prateek (Deep Jaitly) will suddenly see that Ruhi is not seen anywhere and will rush to look for her. She will also get to know from Dimple that Ruhi has perhaps gone to hunt her mother who was seated at the function. A shocked Ishita will look for Ruhi in all rooms, when she will find a crying sound coming from one particular room. She will realize that Ruhi is inside the room and the door is jammed. She will talk to a crying Ruhi and will promise to help her out.

    Can Ishita help Ruhi come out of the room? How will little Ruhi react on knowing about her mother? And will Raman get to know of all this?

    We tried contacting Divyanka, but she remained unavailable for comment.

    Get ready to watch this drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.



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