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    Default Power packed performances in Star Plus' Ye Hai Mohabbatein

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    The popular drama series Ye Hai Mohabbatein by Balaji Telefilms is churning out some beautiful plots and scenes on Star Plus. Recently, with the dramatic scene of Mrs Iyer suffering an accident left us amazed at the acting prowess of the cast.

    The National Award winning actor Neena Kulkarni (Mrs Iyer) has indeed showed us her acting capability. But her Ďshockedí scene wherein she was baffled seeing her daughter in a compromising situation on a recorded MMS shook our guts. The anger, worry and helplessness that she portrayed is worth mentioning and we applaud the actor with all our heart.

    Also by now we have all seen how perfect the leads of the show Karan Patel (Raman) and Divyanka Tripathi (Ishita) have got into the skin of their characters. Their performances in reaction to the above scene displayed the maturity they have gained as actors.

    Raman, who is known to be a wayward soul, has the calm and composure of a man who has to take the responsibility of a dozen odd things in his life. And now with him getting married to a woman he used to detest earlier, he has shouldered her family responsibilities too.

    Added to that the sweet little nok jhoks between the couple have added up the spice element in the show. The manner in which he tried to lighten up Ishita (Divyanka)ís mood after she broke down seeing her mother in a critical condition warmed up the hearts of one and all.

    Against all odds the man stood tall for the truth and didnít even deter going against his own brother for his misdeed. Karan, playing Raman, will etch his name in history as one of the finest actors that ever faced the camera in Indian television.

    Finally, the ultra sweet yet gorgeous Divyanka adds up so much spark to her scenes with her innocence and flawless acting. She is definitely the actor who has the capability to hold on to challenging acts and roles. Since her first show Dulhan, Divyanka has showed that she is a perfect blend of performance and beauty.

    The sweet Indian avatar works for Divyanka and we have no reason to complain when we watch impeccable acting coming from a woman clad in a six yard saree. The scene that led us to write this piece had Divyanka portray a number of emotions from the time she found out about her motherís accident.

    The frail and scared daughter took over her usual strong and independent avatar as she saw her mother fighting for her life. And yes, the way she talked about her mother and her childhood memories to Raman (Karan) while he tried to let her overcome the shock left us misty eyed and nostalgic.

    Itís surely after a long time that we are witnessing a show that has so much drama in its every episode yet they look so real that you donít feel overfed. Ekta Kapoor and her team surely deserve a clap to have got these talented actors perform commendably. The show is a sheer delight for sure.

    Team YHMÖ take a bow!



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