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    TV actors talk about the one thing which they like and they are proud of the country.

    A country which stands out is INDIA. A democratic and secular country which lays down the fundamental rights to every human being makes them feel proud when it achieves an ovation from the rest of the world. Thus on the occasion of Independence Day, we talk to actors about what is one thing which makes them proud of the country.

    Let's hear what these actors have shared...

    Neil Bhatt seen as Zakir in Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus

    Yes being an Indian I am proud of my country. It is very easy to say that India has this and that problem, India is lacking behind or so. I agree there are many problems but why to only highlight problems. There are many other good things about our country. The best thing about our country is that people always stand by each other. There are many examples to elaborate my point as when the 26/11 blasts took place in Mumbai everyone was helping the people by taking them to the hospital and be facilitating them with necessities. Another example is when the flood had hit the city and there was no electricity, I saw that people were providing light to help the people who were trapped during the floods. Whenever there are calamities, the people of our country help each other by providing food, water, shelter and more. Our country is culturally rich, western countries are not rich in culture. But we as Indians can proudly say that we are rich in terms of culture.

    Krip Suri seen as Vardhan in Sadda Haq on Channel V

    Yes I am very proud of my country, I am proud to be an Indian. Mujhe is baat se garv hai ki maine uss dharti main janam liya jaha itne mahan freedom fighters ne janam liya. Legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh is a person who had sacrificed his life at a very young age for our country, then there are more people like Mahatma Gandhi, Sadar Vallabhbhai Patel and more who became martyrs for our country to make India independent country. Other than this I am also proud of my country because or country has diverse culture which no other country has. We have maximum number of festivals, religions, languages and more.

    In our country all the festivals in today's time are celebrated by the people. I mean to say that when Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated, Muslims also celebrate it, they also shout Ganpati Bappa Morya. Similarly in Eid, Hindu also go and attend Iftaari parties. There are many more examples and reason to make Indians proud for their country. In our country people respect human values, culture and importantly they respect humans.

    Paridhi Sharma seen as Jodha in Jodha Akbar on Zee TV

    First and foremost being a patriotic, I am very proud of my culture. I am proud to be an Indian because there are many reasons behind it. Firstly the beauty of our country, cultures as we have diverse culture in our country. We are very rich in agricultural activities, we have the best and the oldest civilization in the world. So yes I am proud of my country where people understand human values and respect for others.

    Raj Singh Arora seen as Mihir in Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus

    Yes I am really proud of our country because we have beautiful flora and fauna. We have Himalya, Ganga and Yamuna rivers and few more things. We have diverse culture in our country and cultural values. We have best and oldest civilization in our country. There are many reasons more because of which I am proud of my country.

    Sneha Wagh seen as Ratan in Veera on Star Plus

    yes i am definitely a proud citizen. Yes there are news in today;s time but the heritage, the culture, the leanings from our history and rich. after independence we have not done much as far as progress is concerned. but with the new government, not just me,i think the whole nation is hoping for some positive progress. yes i am proud Indian.

    Its nice to know to see the sheer love for the country. A very happy Independence Day!

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