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    Default Why the Ishita-Shagun war will work wonders for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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    In a new and interesting twist to the tale of love and betrayal in Yeh Ha Mohabbatein, Ishita and Shagun will face-off in an open war. While Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will try to wreck havoc in Ishita's (Divyanka Tripathi) life, the latter will do everything to protect her new-found family from scattering. As the fight gets hot and spicy, we tell you why it will add the much need tadka to the already sizzling on:

    The good vs evil phenomenon:

    With the women openly fighting to achieve what they want, it would be interesting to watch the good vs evil phenomenon unravel. It's natural for the audiences to root for the good character and bash the evil one, as we feel like we are fighting our own demons. Now that the war has become the highlight of the show, the TRPs are set to soar high. Let's see how long the evil can sustain because the good always triumphs...

    New twists and turns:

    Nobody expected Ruhi (Shagun'a daughter, adopted by Ishita) to tell her mother off during their shopping spree. Everybody anticipated Shagun to fill her daughter's ears with filth about her adopted mother. But she was unsuccessful in her attempt as Ruhi taught her biological mother a lesson instead. Moreover, when Shagun tried to slap Ruhi, Ishita intervened and declared a full-fledged war on her husband's ex-wife. Get ready for more such twists and turns as the two fight it out. How would Raman react? Will he go back to Shagun or realise his true feelings for Ishita? Hmm...

    Ruhi's role in the fight:

    We all know that the little one will not let anything happen to her Ishi Maa as she has already warned Shagun to stay away from her parents. We are waiting to see how Ruhi copes with the pressure of her mothers fighting with each other. Will she succumb to Shagun's sugar-coated words or stand with her adopted mother through it all. How will her bond with her father be? Would her biological mother have an influence over her? How will the story shape up with the full-fledged war on? We are absolutely sure that Ruhi's role will be significant in taking the war ahead.

    Ramanís angle:

    The male lead of the show clearly dislikes his ex-wife, but he has also been seen picking unnecessary fights with his wife Ishita. What stance will he take when the fight heats up between the ladies? Would his love for Adi come in the way of his support for the warring duo? We have to wait and watch for that...but we are confident that his angle will add lot of drama to the ongoing fight as he had a love-hate relationship with both the women. May be some tender moments between Ishita and Raman will come out of all this mess. Fingers crossed!

    Do you think this war will make the show even popular? Are you excited about the new twists? Let us know in the comment section...



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