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    Default I used to enjoy our school activity the most on Children's Day - Ruhanika Dhawan

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    Little kid Ruhanika Dhawan talks abpit her memorable Children's Day with us.

    Cute and adorable Ruhanika Dhawan who is loved as Ruhi in Star Plus' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein is very excited to celebrate Children's Day today. We got in touch with the talented kid to know about her plans and how excited she is to celebrate this special day.

    Here is what Ruhanika says...

    How are you celebrating Children's Day?

    Today is like a Sunday for me as I have no shoot today. In the morning I went to Smaash at Lower Parel with all my school mates. I played a lot of indoor games there and now will be heading towards a book launch by Vikas Khanna. There are books on cartoons for kids which is very exciting and later at night my family is taking me out for a dinner.

    Which is your Memorable Children's Day?

    There used to be an activity in school for Children's Day. We used to play a lot and I had made cup-cakes and sandwiches from the stuff that my mother gave me like Tomatoes, Cucumber and Bread then chocolate sauce and other things when I was in Sr Kg. That day I really enjoyed a lot and it will be memorable day forever.
    As a kid what do you like to do the most?

    I like to play with dolls a lot and also I am an avid reader. I like reading a lot and the best books I read is The Emperor's New Clothes it is a funny tale, I also like reading fairy tales a lot.

    How is your bonding with other children in your school?

    I enjoy to the fullest with my schoolmates. They all keep calling me cutie and we have lot of fun together.

    We wishes Ruhanika a very Happy Children's Day!



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