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    Default Divyanka Tripathy treats the unit for achieving 3.3 TRP!

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    Star Plusí popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein has achieved a very good TRP of 3.3 and actress Divyanka Tripathy treated her unit on this delightful moment.

    Balaji Telefilms' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein which is just a few months old, but is flying high with the popularity even though it airs on the time slot of 11 PM. The storyline of the show and the on-screen chemistry of Raman and Ishita has touched the audiences heart and have made them hooked to the show. This week's TRP bought a reason for the celebration for the cast and crew of the show.

    The show has achieved a TRP of 3.3 this week and while the entire team is elated about this achievement, pretty actress Divyanka Tripathy who plays the protagonist in the show treated the unit with a cake to thank them for the hard work they do for the whole day.

    Divyanka shares, "We all are very happy and I treated the unit with a cake. We work hard but the people behind the scene like the light men, camera men, make-up artists, stylists, work thanklessly harder throughout the day. So, I wanted to treat all of them. We are feeling happy about this TRP and as the TRP has grown, it's a responsibility for us to keep it maintained and that's the harder job. We have to work even harder now."

    People are loving the on-screen chemistry of Divyanka and Karan and they get overwhelming responses from their fans. When we asked Divyanka about it, she said, "We get amazing responses from the audience and we are overwhelmed with the responses we have been getting. People have started feeling that our chemistry must be beyond the workplace too (laughs). That's a very good compliment for us because off screen, both of us hardly get time to talk to each other because of work. So, it's a huge compliment for us that people like us and our work. Karan is definitely is very good co-actor. He is good with his improvisation, timings and other things. We have a good balance between us and we complement each other too. I am thankful to Ekta who did this amazing casting. She has that vision that these two people will look good together. So, all thanks to her."

    A hearty congratulations to the team!



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