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    Default Be calm, don't overreact to the rumors - Amit Tandon

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    Charming Amit Tandon shares one of the craziest rumors which he has heard about himself with us...

    Finally after a long break the handsome Amit Tandon is back on TV as Subbu in Ye Hai Mohabbateinon Star Plus and with growing popularity he is facing some really funny rumors about himself.

    We got in touch with Amit, who spoke about the craziest rumor to us for our Wednesday column.

    The funniest or craziest rumor you have heard about yourself... "Recently I just heard that I am single, but I am happily married and have a beautiful wife and a cute little daughter."

    Further talking about reactions he adds, "I encountered lot of those ugly typical Punjabi stares from my wife. And she still teases me on this- 'oohhh so you are still single' and stuff like that."

    Before this Amit Tandon was last seen in Jeannie Aur Juju on SAB TV as Rahul Chaturvedi Pilot. On asking what will he do if that person who is spreading rumors comes in front of you he exults, "I would just say, woh din guzar gaye hai hamaare, when I was single. Now that's just a dream for me. I just laugh at such things, unless it's very personal or attack my family members; I get really angry. I am fine till it's just solely about me."

    On this he also advised to his fellow celebrities, "I think when you are in the limelight, people will definitely say things about you, and it can be either good or bad. You should really bother about it, because it will continue to comment. Be calm, don't overreact."



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