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    Default It is going to be very different and apart from cricket you guys will see real faces -Mihika Verma

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    Mihika Verma who is currently seen as Mihika in Star Plus's Ye Hai Mohabbatein talks about her love for cricket and Box Cricket League in this candid chat with us.

    Pretty and beautiful actress Mihika Verma who is currently seen as Mihika in Star Plus' Ye Hai Mohobbatein is a part of Jaipur Raj Joshiley for the first sports reality show Box Cricket League.

    In this candid chat with us, she speaks about her love for cricket, fond memories as a kid and much more. Read on!

    How did you think of getting into Box Cricket League?
    Actually a lot of my friends were pushing me to do Box Cricket League and I actually came under pressure because my team Jaipur Raj Joshiley have four actors from my show Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Karan Patel too pushed me and asked me to get into the league, so yes I am here.

    We have Mihika here but where is Mishkat Verma?
    Mishkat is working too hard (laughs). He does not have time. I told him to play because a lot of close friends too are playing in BCL but he did not agree. He is been shooting day and night but I will get him for the next season surely.

    Any fond memory of galli cricket as a child?
    Actually we used to play cricket in the building and I remember when I was a kid, I had specks. So whenever the ball used to go up in the air and I had to catch the ball, I just could not focus. Now also I am just hoping that I catch the ball properly and it is not a miss from my end. Another memory of playing cricket is I used to cover the stumps while batting (laughs). Mishkat and I had some amazing time playing cricket as a child. It is a very nice memory of playing cricket with your friends and here also I have many close friends so yes it will be too much fun.

    What do you think of the concept of boys and girls playing cricket together?
    I think it is great. It is very often that women are under estimated who are fitter than men, smarter than men, prettier than men and because this season has locker room drama, so I think it will be just mad fun.

    And what about the Locker Room drama?
    I have absolutely no clue of what is Locker room drama but I think women are important to create such drama (laughs). Locker room drama toh sirf aurate hi de sakti hain so I think they have incorporated a lot of women in the show.

    Message to your fans...
    Please watch BCL and support Jaipur Raj Joshile. It is going to be very different and apart from cricket you guys will get to see a lot of real faces. You'll will get to see what we are in real and behind the camera. You might not like it, you may like it but you will get to see how we are.

    We wish Mihika Verma and Jaipur Raj Joshile all the luck!



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