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    Default "I am very different from Ruhi in real" - Ruhanika Dhawan

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    Adorable child actor Ruhanika Dhawan talks about her real life, her interests and much more in a candid chat with us.

    The very cute and chubby Ruhanika Dhawan who is winning the audiences heart by portraying Ruhi in Balaji Telefilms' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus is a very smart and innocent girl in real too.

    We quizzed this cute little kid to know something about her real life.

    Tell us something about yourself.

    I am a very nice person but sometimes I behave naughty.

    Do you like acting?

    Yes, I love acting.

    What are your hobbies?

    I love to play and swim. I know swimming very well and I love swimming more than playing.

    Do you like going to school?

    Yes, I love to go to the school. I go for my shoots after my school then I do my homework and then sleep.

    Who is your best friend on the sets?

    Mihika Didi (Mihika Verma).

    Who loves you the most on the sets and who irritates you the most on the sets?

    Mihika Didi and Romi Chachu (Aly Goni) love me the most and my ADs (Assistant Directors) irritate me a lot.

    Do you like Ruhi? Are you like Ruhi in real life?

    No, I don't like Ruhi as I don't like her name only. I love my name Ruhanika. I am very different from Ruhi in real.

    Do you like pets?

    Yes; I don't like dogs but I love puppies. I would love to have one at my home.

    Do your friends and teachers watch your show?

    Yes, they do watch my show and they compliment me about my work.

    What do you want to become when you will grow up?

    I want to be an actress and a scientist.

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    Money is in acting, and worry is in being a scientist. Not everyone can become a scientist but anyone with some effort can become an actor either good or bad.



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