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    Default Actors against bursting crackers during Diwali!!

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    Our telly actors who used to love bursting crackers at one point now like to make less noise pollution and instead donate the money to the needy people.

    As Diwali is celebrated across the nation, we can hear the loud noise everywhere as crackers are being burst everywhere. While crackers create lot of noise and air pollution, our TV stars who used to busrt crackers during their childhood days, now are least interested to do so as they donate the money for a noble cause.

    We ask actors about bursting crackers for the festival of lights to which they have replied saying -

    Krip Suri seen as Vardhan in Sadda Haq on Channel V -

    I don't burst crackers because I feel that it is a waste of money. I used to burst crackers when I was a kid but after my boards I have quit bursting crackers as I feel it is simply burning your money. Another reason for me not bursting crackers is that once a cracker accidentally burst out in my hand which caused a wound and from that day onwards I fear from bursting crackers.

    Anurag Sharma seen as Parmeet in Ye Hai Mohabattein on Star Plus

    I don't burst crackers as I feel its waste of money and it also creates lots of pollution. I used to burst crackers in my childhood but now as I have grown up, I have realized the consequences and I have stopped bursting it. When I was in my home town I used to burst but after coming to Mumbai I have stopped bursting it completely. I believe instead of buying crackers, give that money to the poor people to make their Diwali better as there are people who can't even afford money for their food. I remember that how rockets used to go inside the houses and cause damage to the houses. So I believe people show celebrate Diwali safely and pollution free.

    Arjun Bijlani last seen as Aditya in Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar on SAB TV

    I don't burst crackers and nor will burst this year as it creates lots of noise and air pollution. My pet dog boozy gets scared of the loud noise and so I don't want any one to burst crackers near him so hat he doesn't get scared. Instead I would prefer to donate the money to the poor people to make their Diwali special.

    Hiten Tejwani last seen as Manav in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV

    It has been quite some years that I have stopped bursting crackers. When we were kids only that time we used to have that excitement of bursting crackers but as we grow up, that excitement come to an end after a certain point of time. If we try to tell kids that don't burst crackers, they wont understand but when they will grow up, they will gradually understand.

    I read a very beautiful line some where that don't burst crackers, burst your ego. I am not against people who burst crackers, but with all due respect I want to say the amount of money you put in to buy crackers which creates so much of pollution, instead buy food or donate money to the needy people. You will get nothing but you will get so much of blessing and so many smiles for this festival.

    I remember that once a bomb got burst in my hand and created a wound in my hand which lasted for so many weeks.

    Nandish Sandhu seen as Rehan in Beintehaa on Colors

    I don't burst crackers because it creates lots of pollution. I remember one of my friend was bursting crackers and while he was bursting, somebody burst a cracker near him. The falmes fo the cracker damaged his eye and my friend lost his vision forever. That was the worst incident I saw and I believe instead of wasting your money in bursting crackers donate that money for some needy people.

    Well we too feel the same and wish our TV actors a safe and noise free Diwali!



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