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    Default 5 Reasons Why You Are Ishita of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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    The sweet and suave dentist from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) is a character we have all started to love. Ishtia Bhalla (nee Iyer) played by Divyanka Tripathi, is a Tambrahm by birth but marries a true blue Punjabi. The show has been garnering a lot of praise and TRPs. We tell you five reasons why you could be 'Ishita' of YHM. Take a look:

    You love kids:

    If you're a doting mother who loves to play with kids, you would be able to make for a great 'Ishita'. Just like she is a loving and caring mother to her adopted daughter, Ruhi. If your maternal instincts are always on the overdrive, you could very well be her!

    You're warm and kind:

    While we all have a little bit of devil inside us, it takes a really terrible person to bring it out. If you think you're the polar opposite of this, and are kind, warm and understanding, you could very well be the lead character from this prime time drama show. Ishita cares for her rude and arrogant husband and takes good care of their adopted daughter as well.

    You have a cross-cultural influence:

    If you're from a particular community and you marry into another one, you'd know what we are talking about. Just like the lead actress is born a Tamilian and marries a Punjabi munda. The amazing mix of cross-cultural rituals and functions make for an interesting life, isn't it?

    If you hate caricatures:

    Ishita may be a Tamilian, but she doesn't have any of the typical accent you'd associate with a South Indian. Because she was born and raised in Delhi, she speaks fluent Hindi, minus the Tamil accent. If you hate caricature, just like her heroine, you could very well swap roles with her!

    If you're the more sorted one in the relationship:

    Ishita is more tolerable and sorted than her husband Raman. If you're also the one who is more in check with reality than your better half, you're a real life Ishita.

    Is there any other trait you think you share with the heroine? Do shout to us in the comments section below!



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