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    Default 10 reasons why Karan Patel is one of the FINEST ACTORS on TV

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Raman Bhalla aka Karan Patel is one of the most sought after actors on the small screen for a specific reason. That's his exceptional acting skills and macho, rugged good looks. As his popularity grows by leaps and bounds, we tell you why the soon-to-be married actor is one of the finest actors on TV right now...take a look:

    Acting skills:
    He is a natural on the screen. Whenever he emotes, he does it with such a passion that you're hooked on to him and the show! In order to polish his already shining acting skills, he did a course at Namit Kapoor's Acting School and went on to hone them further from London School of Arts. That shows, isnít it?

    Crackling chemistry:
    Be it Amita Chandekar or Divyanka Tripathi, his onscreen chemistry with his female leads have been spectacular. So much so that he was rumoured to be romantically paired with Amita, with whom he participated in Nach Baliye. In fact, it's his kickass chemistry with Divyanka that's giving the show massive TRPs.

    Brooding, yet sensitive:
    Most of his roles have shown him as a brooding, arrogant guy who, at the core, is sensitive and caring. This beautiful variation is what makes him such a good actor. It's no wonder that all top production houses want to team up with him!

    Dancing star:
    He is an all-rounder who can dance, emote and charm his way into the heroine's heart. There are not many nimble-footed actors in the industry and it's such a refreshing change to see an able dancer among them.

    Dialogue delivery:
    He delivers his dialogue with diligence and makes sure that they hit the audiences right where it's meant to. Some actors get the emoting part right, but goof up with the dialogue delivery part. This dude is clearly not one of them..

    Screen presence:
    He is one of the few blessed actors who can bring the screen alive with his presence. He doesn't need any other technical gimmicks, background props or strategic lighting to keep the focus on himself. He can take care of that through his presence alone. Wow!

    Relatable roles:
    A good actor not just performs well, but also makes sure that his characters are real and relatable. His Raman Bhalla is immensely popular with the audiences because they can identify with the reel character. Only a fine actor knows which roles to pick and which ones to discard.

    Living his reel avatar:
    He is such a dedicated actor that he actually drowns himself in his reel avatar and lives them on the sets till the shoot has been wrapped up. Perhaps that's why a bunch of fans didn't want to take his autograph on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein because they were scared of his short temper and arrogant ways. What the fans didn't realise was that all that arrogance was just good acting and Karan was totally opposite in his real life.

    Not controversy's kid:
    He has had his share of link-ups and break-ups, but he has always been known more for work than his personal life. That itself makes him a good actor...don't you think? Despite him getting married next month, the focus is still on his show and not on his upcoming nuptials!

    Loved by his co-actors:
    An actor cannot survive in this industry without the support and love of his co-stars because they can make or break a show. He has been fortunate to have had some of the finest actors supporting him and that has made him an ever better actor. He is also quite loved by his co-actors who don't leave any opportunity to sing his praises.

    What's the one thing you like about Karan? Let us know in the comment section below....



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