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    Default Vindhya Tiwari and Krishanu Singh in Bindaas' Ye Hai Aashiqui

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    Bindaas’ show Ye Hai Aashiqui (Lost Boy Productions and BBC Worldwide) is well known for its quality content.

    This time around the show will bring in two talented people, Vindhya Tiwari and Krishanu Singh as part of its episodic series.

    The story will present an exotic case of a girl in Bihar, Megha (Vindhya) who would always dream of making it big in Bollywood. She will move to Mumbai to accomplish her dreams. However, she will always feel something amiss in her life.

    The beautiful journey will be spiked with some interesting twist when the show will introduce her childhood friend, Vaibhav (Krishanu) who will pay a visit to her in Mumbai. Love will then bloom when she will realize that her life would be incomplete without Vaibhav.

    While love will blossom between Megha and Vaibhav, the story will present a big question which will add an interesting twist.

    Will Megha give up her dreams of working in Bollywood and choose love over her career?

    We contacted Vindhya who confirmed doing the show. She said, “We all have our career aspirations but at the same time we all miss that special someone in our life. The story features an interesting journey of a young, talented and a smart girl who experiences the highs and lows of life and being in love.”

    “I cannot comment on how the story will unfold but it was a great experience working with director Ashima Chibber. She is experienced and organized. I can say I have lived my character in this story,” she added.

    We cushion ourselves for the episode to air on 25 May!!!



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