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    Default TV actors talk about their Children's Day plans!

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    As the much loved day Children's Day is being celebrated today, we speak to actors of Sony Pal who talk about their plans on this very special day.

    Ashnoor Kaur as Najma of Tum Saath Ho Jabh Apne:

    Firstly a very happy birthday to Chacha Nehru.I hope I have holiday on 14th, but if not I would celebrate playing tennis with my reel mother, cousins and my neighbors. On the contrary, If I am given a holiday I will do nothing at all (laughs Ashnoor), no studies nothing I just love to be free and be at home and just be myself. I would like to be gifted a barbie doll or a kitchen set.I am sure my parents have planned something special for me on Children’s Day and I am waiting.

    Naman Shaw as Vishesh in Khushiyon Ki Gullak Aashi:

    Children’s Day used to be a very special day in my life as a kid and I have a lot of fond memories of them. We used to celebrate Children’s Day in school and we used to have a lot of fun and it used to be the only day when our teachers used to never shout at us. Being a naughty kid it used to be one of the days where I used to be pampered both by my parents and teachers. As on the sets of Khushiyon Ki Gullak Aashi I am still a kid because I play a lot of pranks on everyone and make our work full of fun and play. To all the kids out there wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day have a great day god bless.

    Adaa Khan as Pia in Piya Basanti Re:

    I have very fond memories of Children’s Day. I am currently playing the role of a college student in Piya Basanti Re and I must mention that this role revived all my school memories. In my school we used to celebrate this day by participating in various plays. I remember we used to get a box full of chocolates every year from our school and it used to be very exciting. I feel in everyone’s life childhood days are the best days of their life and none can ever forget them.

    Siddharth Arora as Bhoj in Singhasan Battisi:

    My character Raja Bhoj in Pal’s Singhasan Battisi is so kindhearted. I am sure in that era everyday must be a Children’s day for the kids. As a child it was good fun going to school without books to celebrate Bal Divas. 14th November meant celebrations followed by good food. Happy Children’s day to all the kids out there. Happy Children’s Day to all elders too as there is a hidden child in each one of us.

    Navi Bhangu as Arjun in Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

    14th November is a day marking childhood, Children's Day is a day for children to engage in fun and frolic. We used to celebrate this day by organizing and participating in cultural programs. Teachers of tour school performed on songs and dances for their students. It is a day set aside to remember Pandit Nehru and his love for children. My character in Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai - Arjun too nurtures a child in him though a spoiled on ! I do believe that everyone has a kid within them My message to all the kids out there is to enjoy this phase of your life to the fullest.



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