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    Default Yam Hain Hum to have a kick start to the show!

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    SAB TV's Yam Hain Hum to all set to woo the audience with the concept of Yamraj backed with the comedy essence.

    SAB TV's soon to launch show Yam Hain Hum has planned a huge opening as the show brings in a brand new concept of 'Yamraj' coming down to earth and situations and circumstances that take place due to Yamraj (Manav Gohil) coming down.

    From our source we get to know, "In the first episode itself the viewers will get to see some fascinating scenes from the swarg (Paradise) and a few men accusing people of the nark (Hell). One major scene of the show that the viewers will see in just a few episodes that there is a minister in the town who is traveling somewhere and due to the naka-bandi the car had to stop. Just once again when the car gears up again, it meets with a Yamraj and the minister gets petrified seeing him. He starts screaming around that the guy is accusing him, beating him and how can he do something like this to a minister. The minister gets the guy arrested and speaks out aloud in media that the guy is someone from the opposite party who has come down to kill him. The minister asks the police to force him to agree on the fact that he is from the opposite party and is a bad man. Well, eventually the minister gets all successful with his evil plans."

    Hmm.... with this first track of Yam Hain Hum, looks like the viewers will surely enjoy all the anecdotes the makers of the show has the serve.

    To those uninitiated, SAB TV's Yam Hain Hum will replace Chandrakant Chiplunkar Seedi Bambawala and will start airing from December 15.

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