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    WWE.RAW.Complete.Year.2006.TVRip.XviD-XWD (1-Click)
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    1/2 Raw in Continental Airlines Arena in New York
    Vince Interview- Vince has something against Shawn Michaels now.
    Kane vs. Shawn Michaels
    Gregory Helms/Jerry Lawler Interview- Gregory blames Lawler for holding him down.
    Kurt Angle/Vince Int, Trish Stratus Int
    Raw Divas Segment
    Trish Stratus/Mickey James Int
    Edge/Ric Flair INterview/Brawl
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters- Shelton's losing streak continues.
    Triple/Big Show Interview/Segment
    Smackdown Rebound
    Shelton Benjamin Int- Shelton's "mom" debuts to get him back to the winning ways.
    Revolution Card Video
    First Blood Match: Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

    1/9 Raw in Hershey, PA, Night After New Years Revolution
    Elimination Chamber/Edge Highlights
    John Cena/Lita Interview
    Women's Title Match: Ashley vs. Trish Stratus
    RVD Promo- RVD returns at the Royal Rumble!
    Vince/John Cena Int, Carlito/Chris Masters Int
    Chavo Guerrero vs. Rob Conway
    Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle Int, Shelton Benjamin/His Mom/Val Venis Int
    Chris Masters and Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle- Angle and Michaels prove that they can't be a tg team.
    Vince/Shawn Michaels Int, Triple H Int
    Edge/Lita Int, Stacy Keibler Highlights
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Val Venis- Shelton is back on the winning ways.
    Kane vs. Gene Snitsky- When I see Kane speak, I can't help but to think that he probably has really bad breathe.
    Edge/Lita Sex Celebration- Edge, the new WWE champion, and Lita start marking out on a bed in the ring but eventually Ric Flair and John Cena come out to attack Edge.

    1/16 Raw in North Carolina State University
    Edge/Kurt Angle/Vince Interview
    Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle- Angle loses the match due to Daivari and Michaels Keeps his job.
    Kurt Angle Int, Chris Masters Int, Trish Stratus/Ashley/Mickie James Int
    Masterlock Challenge with John Cena- Edge nails Cena with the belt.
    Vince/Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair/Candice Michelle Int
    Trish Stratus, Ashley, and Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Victoria
    RVD Promo
    Carlito/Kane Interview/Brawl
    Vince/Shelton Benjamin/Shelton's Mama Segment
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Big Show
    Stacy Keibler Highlights
    TLC, WWE Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Edge- Crazy match with both guys taking the usual big bumps from a ladder match. Flair falls short here though.

    1/23 Raw in Charlotte, NC
    Edge/Lita/John Cena Interview- Feels like the WWE tried to put something together here to get Cena over as much as possible before the Rumble but it brought too many flashbacks of Rock and Jericho making fun of Stephanie and they had much better hoe cracks.
    Kane vs. Carlito
    Edge/Lita Int, Big Show/Edge/Lita Int, Mickie James/Trish Stratus Int
    Victoria and Candice Michelle vs. Trish Stratus and Ashley- Is it just me or are these women matches getting harder and harder to watch? The
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels- So fun but these two on PPV would be twice as good. Vince McMahon comes out before the match and says Michaels must win or he won't be in the Rumble. Of course Shawn wins however.
    Royal Rumble Card Video
    Shawn Michaels/Vince Interview- Man, I was hangin on every word during this interview. You never know what these two will say or do. Their match at Wrestlemania won't be a classic but the build up is fun so far.
    Coach vs. Jerry Lawler
    Mini Battle Royal: Rob Conway vs. Gregory Helms vs. Lance Cade vs. Big Show
    Triple H Interview
    Edge and Chris Masters vs. John Cena and Ric Flair

    1/30 Raw in Orlando, FL, Night After Royal Rumble
    Edge Int
    Vince/Shawn Michaels Interview- Shane attacks Michaels from behind.
    Rob Van Dam vs. Gene Snitsky- Crowd chants boring because the match went longer than 90 seconds. I don't get it. What's a squash match going to do? So why do people want to see a squash match?
    Shelton Benjamin/Shelton's Mamma/Goldust Int- Why don't they keep Goldust? He is a fun character and they can do a lot with it.
    Triple H Int
    Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero
    Carlito/Chris Masters Int
    Tag Team Title Match: Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Big Show and Kane
    Rob Van Dam Int, Mickie James Int, Candice Michelle Segment
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Goldust
    Shelton Benjamin/Ric Flair Int
    Mickie James/Trish Stratus/Ashley Segment- Ashley says Mickie is a psycho and the crowd chants, "She's a Psycho!". The Spirit Squad come out and do an awful cheer yet I had to chuckle as the guy in the middle looks so goofy.
    WWE Title Match: Edge vs. John Cena

    2/6 Raw in Atlanta, Ga
    Edge/Lita/Maria/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Interview/Brawl- I'm a sucker to see old stars come back on tv. Edge attacks Duggan for calling Lita a "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" until John Cena stops the carnage.
    Kane vs. Chris Masters
    Edge/Lita/Vince Int
    Ashley vs. Mickie James
    Spirit Squad Cheer, Trish Stratus/Mickie James Int, Shelton Benjamin/Mamma/Eugene Int
    Triple H vs. Ric Flair
    Shawn Michaels/Vince Segment- Vince is making Michaels retire next week and will force Shawn to sign his release and give a retirement speech next week.
    Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Smackdown Rebound
    Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam- RVD wins but Carlito shows off a couple of nice moves and if he can keep that up, he might finally get over, which he does have the potential for.
    Edge and Lita vs. John Cena and Maria

    2/16 Thursday Night Raw in Greensboro, NC
    Triple H vs. Big Show- Hard to imagine these two having a better match or brawl than this one. The only knock on this was that there was no winnner as the match ends in a double count out.
    Vince/Shelton's Mamma Int, Mick Foley/Lita/Edge Int
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Eugene
    Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson- How did Torrie go from being the top WWF Diva a couple of years ago to getting no crowd reaction? Just let her strip all the time and she will get over again (I think I answered my own question).
    Vince/Shawn Michaels Retirement Segment- With all the rumors going on the internet about Michaels not hanging with the boys and wanting a lighter schedule, I would have bet that he would sign the retirement papers, just have a match with Vince at WM 22 but thankfully, he doesn't sign them. Let's hope he continues to wrestle for several more years.
    Bret Hart Video- Bret will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame! Amazing.
    Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam
    Mickie James/Trish Stratus/"Jack" Segment
    John Cena/Edge Highlights
    WWE Title Match: Edge vs. John Cena- Mick Foley is the special guest referee.

    2/20 Raw in Trenton, NJ
    Women's Battle Royal
    Candice Michelle/Edge/Lita Interview
    Edge vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Chris Masters vs. Kane
    Rob Van Dam Int, Vince/Shawn Michaels Last Week highlights
    Spirit Squad/Vince Int
    IC Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair- Shelton wins the title by smacking Flair with an air tank.
    Shawn Michaels vs. The Spirit Sqaud- Michaels almosts get the pinfall but the entire squad comes in to beat on Michaels until Marty Jannetty comes in and makes the save. My prediction is that Jannetty will come out with Michaels in the next couple of days and turn on Michaels. I do enjoy the Spirit Sqaud though with both their cheers and in the ring.
    Carlito vs. Jobber- Carlito destroys some jobber with his "backcracker" and then the spinning neckbreaker. Carlito is showing off some good moves lately which will help get him over and respected in the ring.
    Eddie Guerrero Video- Eddie's going into the WWE Hall of Fame.
    Vince Interview- Marty Jannetty is going to get a contract next week if he joins the Vince McMahon kiss my ass club.
    Triple H Int
    Number One Contender's Match: Big Show vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H- Triple H wins. What a shocker.

    2/27 Raw in Washington, DC
    Edge/Mick Foley Interview- As much as I wanted to listen to this, I couldn't help but to stare at Lita's boobs. That shirt she wears leaves very little to the imagination and she looks sexier and sexier as she gets older and I can't say the same thing about Trish.
    Tag Team Title Match: Val Venis and Viscera vs. Kane and Big Show- Anyone else notice that when Big Show is in a singles match, he tries to smile and wave to the crowd but when he comes to the ring with Kane, he acts serious?
    Ric Flair Int, Shawn Michaels/Marty Janetty Int
    Carlito Int
    Trevor Murdock vs. Rob Van Dam- "Trevor's parents just got divorsed. They're still cousins though" - Jerry Lawler. Women's Title Match: Candice Michelle vs. Trish Stratus
    John Cena/Triple H/Vince Interview- "Sorry if I'm not afraid of the guy whose one big move is pumping up his shoes!" "You're not a good wrestler" "A transitional champion is all you are" - Triple just lays it out on Cena and basically is telling the truth. The crowd is on Cena big time here. Time to turn him heel, no doubt about it.
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero
    Mean Gene Okurland Video, HBK/Vince Int
    Carlito vs. Ric Flair
    Vince/Marty Jannetty/Chris Masters/Shawn Michaels/Shane Segment- Vince wants Marty to kiss his ass for a contract but doesn't as Michaels makes the save. Shane then comes out to smack Michaels with a chair and forces Michaels to kiss Vince's ass. Shane vs. Michaels at the next SNME in a few weeks!

    3/6 Raw in Birmingham, AL
    Vince/Shane Interview- Shawn Michaels comes down to get a piece of Vince before being taken out by security.
    IC Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Kane vs. Triple H
    Victoria/Torrie Wilson Int
    Shawn Michaels/Stephanie Int- Stephanie is shown pregnant for the first time on tv but before we all saw awwwww.... she puts some kind of powder in Shawn's water.
    Torrie Wilson/Victoria/Candice Michelle Interview- Victoria and Candice turn on Torrie because Torrie wouldn't say who had the hotest playboy cover.
    Shawn Michaels vs. Shane- Michaels is all drugged up so Shane has his way with Shawn and wasn't much of a match at all.
    Eugene vs. Kenny (Spirit Squad)
    Lita vs. Maria- Not even Mick Foley can save this segment as this match was baaaaaad.
    Sensational Sherri Highlights- Sherri Martel is going into the Hall of Fame.
    Trish Stratus/Mickie James Int, Smackdown Rebound
    Big Show vs. John Cena- The boos continue to come toward Cena as I hope the WWE and Vince realize that Cena is NOT the next Austin or Rock.

    3/13 Raw in Beaumont, TX
    Vince/Shane/Shawn Michaels Interview- Vince has Michaels take a drug test but Michaels says "It's better to be pissed off than pissed on" and then throws the cup of urine onto Vince and Shane.
    Women's Title Match: Victoria vs. Trish Stratus
    Mick Foley Spoof Video
    Edge vs. Goldust
    Verne Gagne Video- He will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
    Triple H/John Cena Contract Signing
    Steel Cage Match: Shawn Michaels vs. The Spirit Squad
    Vince/Shane Int, Trish Stratus/Mickie James Int
    IC Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Carlito, Chris Masters, and Triple H vs. Kane, Big Show, and John Cena

    3/20 Raw in Memphis, TN
    Vince/Shane/John Cena Interview
    Triple H/Vince/Shane Int
    Carlito vs. Kane
    Hall of Fame Video- The Blackjacks are going into the Hall of Fame.
    IC Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Edge/Mick Foley Highlights
    Mick Foley Interview- Foley says that what Edge has been saying about him is all true and that the old Mick Foley, or Cactus Jack, is back. That's nice and all, and I really think Foley is in a class by himself making people believe what he is saying but we all know he is going to lose at Wrestlemania. He spoils Edge and Lita's "suprise" attack.
    Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria- Arm Drag, Flying pillows, Widow's peak, and that's it.
    Chris Masters vs. Big Show
    Mickie James/Trish Stratus/Ashley Segment- Mickie James proves how psycho she really is here and lays a huge kiss on a fallen Trish which of course gets a big ovation from the crowd.
    Wrestlemania Card Video
    Triple H and Shane vs. John Cena and Shawn Michaels- Match quickly turns into...
    Triple H and Shane vs. Shawn Michaels- Match was dead most of the time and for good reason. Take out Cena and Michaels is left getting a beat down, something we've seen for a while since Vince said he would put HBK through hell. It picks up when John Cena comes back and the faces clean house and Vince announces that next week, Cena will take on Vince.

    3/27 Raw in Omaha, NE
    Vince Int
    Mick Foley/Edge Interview
    Carlito vs. Kane
    Masterlock Challenge with Big Show- A challenge that people would actually want to see but Masters doesn't bother so the question remains if he can put it on Big Show or not.
    John Cena Video
    Hall of Fame Video- Tony Atlas is going into the Hall of Fame.
    Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
    Ric Flair/Shelton Benjamin Interview/Brawl- Rob Van Dam runs out to get him some.
    Johnny, Kenny, and Mikey vs. Viscera, Val Venis, and Eugene
    Triple H Video, Wrestlemania Card Video
    Mickie James Int, Trish Stratus/Torrie Wilson Int
    Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle and Victoria
    Mickie James/Trish Stratus Highlights
    Vince vs. John Cena- What a horrible and non-eventful ending to the Raw that leads into Wrestlemania. This wasn't even a match really, it ended up just being a test of strength and after the last two months of Triple H, John Cena himself, and everyone else admiting that Cena couldn't wrestle, they do this? This was a chance to have Cena do some actual wrestling moves and make everyone think that he was an actual wrestler who knew some moves but they blew it here. Triple H and Vince get the best of Cena and Shawn Michaels but it was only after 4 shots really; a low blow and a sledgehammer shot to the head to Cena and a sledgehammer shot to the stomach and a chair shot to Michaels and that was it. Just a bad ending to an overall lack-luster show. I already bought Wrestlemania but if my decision to get it was based on this show, I would have passed and bought the DVD when it came out while just trading for a bootleg copy until then.

    4/3 Raw in Chicago, IL, Night After Wrestlemania 22
    John Cena/Triple H/Edge Interview- It's amazing how I went from not liking Triple H to liking him again. Not only is he going against Cena but he is just ripping people right now and it was Edge's turn to take it this time.
    Tag Team Title Match: Kenny and Mikey vs. Big Show and Kane- Title Change.
    Spirit Squad Int, Money in the Bank Ladder Match Highlights
    Rob Van Dam Interview- Sounds like RVD is going to cash in his money in the bank title shot at One Night Stand but that's just a guess.
    Chris Masters vs. Scrub- Carlito comes out to attack Masters as it looks like Carlito is turning face which might be a great move.
    Shawn Michaels/Shane/Vince Interview- Another fun Michaels interview as he mentions that the cool thing to do these days is to beat up Cena (crowd goes crazy) and so he basically says that he wants a title shot. Vince says no and that his war with Michael isn't over with and that Michaels will be in a tag match with God as Michaels' partner vs. Vince "and the product of 'his' semen, Shane". Vince comes up with some outragous lines sometimes.
    Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson vs. Mickie James and Candice Michelle
    Hall of Fame Highlights
    Chavo Guerrero Interview
    IC Title Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Shelton Benjamin- Chavo loses and says after the match that he quits.
    Ric Flair/???/??? Interview Brawl- ??? comes out to interrupt Flair and then brings out some guy who is getting the name ??? for now. Not like it matters because ??? and ??? will both be gone by next years Wrestlemania after all the fans and myself show the WWE that was don't care for guys like that. Just because someone is big doesn't mean we will care about them. Lame looking gimmick imo as ??? (no, not the smaller ??? but the bigger fat ass ???) looks like a Rosey/Jamal/Rikishi all rolled up into one.
    Triple H/Edge Int
    Edge and Triple H vs. John Cena- Edge and Triple H start brawling and Triple H pins Cena. Strange match, strange last couple of days but in a good way.

    4/10 Raw in Milwaukee, WI
    Edge/John Cena/Triple H Interview- Decent interview but not as good as last week.
    Rob Conway vs. Rob Van Dam- Shelton Benjamin throws out a challenge to RVD for Backlash but Van Dam throws one back at him. Will their match be for the IC title? The Money in the Bank shot? Or both? Interesting.
    Mickie James Int
    Kane Movie Highlights- Kane's new movie will be coming out May 19 as it looks like the WWE is going to be shoving that down our throats for the next 2 months.
    Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Big Show vs. Nikey and Johnny- Kane turns on the Big Show.
    John Cena Int
    Vince/Shane Segment- The McMahons visit a nearby church and Vince claims that he has never been to one of these before (church).
    ??? vs. Scrub- Yeah, I gave The Scrub a name before "???". Turns out "???" is Umaga, who used to be a Fatu, who used to be Jamal, who regardless of who he was, never had a fan base. He beats down this jobber and the match is over when Umaga does the DEVESTATING NECK GRAB PINCH HOLD, the move that will not only get him over but will also have everyone raving and talking about it at the water-cooler the next day... Yeah anyways, the other ??? from last week is his manager who is going under the name of Armando Alejandro Jalepeno Alfredo Tostada Estrada. That's his whole name, I can't believe it.
    Carlito/Chris Masters Interview/Segment
    Chavo Guerrero Last Week Highlights
    Women's Title Match: Maria vs. Mickie James- Trish Stratus comes out dressed like Mickie James.
    John Cena and Triple H vs. Edge

    4/17 Raw in St. Louis, MO
    Vince Interview- After Vince blabs on about his new religion of McMahonism, Shawn Michaels runs in to superkick him. Lame Segment as I was hoping for more than Michaels just giving Vince a superkick.
    Triple H/Vince Int
    Kane vs. Rob Conway
    Chavo Guerrero Interview
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas- Haas returns and looks good against his former tag team partner. So good infact the he wins this match.
    Vince/Armando Alejandro Jalepeno Alfredo Tostada Estrada/Shelton Benjamin Int
    Umaga vs. Shawn Michaels- Vince tried to nail Michaels with a chair but everytime he tried to, lightning would strike so Vince just left. If you're gonna do it, might as well go over the top.
    Matt Striker/Carlito Interview- Good segment ending when Chris Masters puts the Masterlock on Carlito.
    Rob Van Dam vs. The Spirit Squad
    Trish Stratus (as Mickie James)/Mickie James (as Trish Stratus)/Jack (as Jack) Segment
    Edge/Triple H Int
    Edge and John Cena vs. Triple H

    4/24 Raw in London, England
    Edge/Triple/John Cena/Spirit Squad Interview- Man, Triple is getting over as a face and this time, he said nothing to the crowd to change their mind and when Cena came out, he is hearing boos even in England.
    Chris Masters, Matt Striker, and Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito, Charlie Haas, and Rob Van Dam- RVD pins Shelton which means either Shelton is going over on Sunday (on RVD) or RVD will be getting a huge push with the IC title, Money in the Bank Title shot, and 2 wins over the current IC champion.
    Vince/Shane Int
    Kane/Big Show Int/Backstage Segment- OK, I could easily spend a paragraph on how lame it is that Kane doesn't want people to mention the May 19 date but instead I'm going to mention something else that is lame here (and yeah I know, by Kane not wanting people to mention May 19, that will indeed make people mention... May 19). In this segment, Kane tells Big Show not to mention it, "or else..." Big Show says, "OR else? ...Or Else... May 19" Then Kane attacks Big Show and causes his eye to bleed. Now In a situation like this, shouldn't the Big Show be ready to defend himself when he should know that Kane would throw a punch? Instead, he takes it and gets his ass (and eye) kicked but I mean, you would think he would be ready for it. Kane just warned him not to say anything about ... May 19. I don't know, it just strikes me as wierd.
    Bikini Contest with Candice Michelle, Maria, Victoria, and Torrie Wilson- Coach says Candice wins and then Viscera comes out to spank Coach? ok... Hmm.
    Shawn Michaels vs. Shane- Shane and Vince just move too awkwardly in the ring. I can't wait until after the ppv and hopefully Michaels will start a feud with someone who isn't named McMahon.
    Backlash Card Hype, Kane's See No Evil Trailor
    Umaga vs. Local Scrub- Umaga looks like he is going to kill the scrub from England. Eventhough I don't have to mention his name, I just want to. Umaga is managed by ... Ready for it? Armando Alejandro Jalepeno Alfredo Tostada Estrada. Ric Flair attacks Umaga and grabs his balls. That's a strange gimmick. Grab other guys' sack? Is that his setup move now?
    Lita/Edge/Triple H Int- Triple H is on fire. It's like the good old Triple H is back with some humor and the boring one that we have had to put up with is gone.
    Mickie James/Trish Stratus Interview/Brawl- I know I'm not alone when I say this, but this is the best feud currently going on Raw and I don't say that sarcastically.
    Spirit Squad vs. Triple H, Edge, and John Cena- Before the match, the cheerleaders introduce themselves. KENNY! MIKEY! MITCH! JOHNNY! TOMMY! FREDDIE! LOUIE! EDDIE! BOBBY! RALPHIE!

    5/1 Raw in Columbas, OH, Night After Backlash
    Vince/Spirit Squad Int
    Victoria and Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson and Maria
    Spirit Squad vs. Goldust, Gene Snitsky, and Eugene
    Eugene/Matt Striker Int, Shawn Michaels/Mitch/Big Show Int
    Rob Conway vs. May 19- Shawn Michaels is the guest referee.
    Umaga vs. Scrub
    Candice Michelle/Vince/Triple H Int- Triple H now having problems with Vince? Hmmmm.....
    Cutting Edge with Mick Foley- Foley challenges Edge to a Wrestlemania rematch later in the show. Edge says, "you're on!" so I'm thinking wow. Then Joey Styles says "Next Week!" I'm thinking what? Is it not going to happen? "You're on Crack" Edge says while basically cancelling the match for tonight. I'm still thinking about Styles saying Next week so sure enough, Edge says that next week Foley can have any type of match that he wants. At first I thought Styles blew it and made a mistake, then I thought well maybe it's part of the angle to get him replaced by JR. But then after watching the rest of the show, I think he jumped the gun on that "Next Week" call.
    Chris Masters/Rob Van Dam/Shelton Benjamin/Carlito/Mickie Segment
    Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam and Carlito- Joey Styles gets called to the back during the match.
    Joey Styles/Spirit Squad Int- I thought Styles was getting fired for his sloppy commentary tonight but the Spirit Squad basically tell him that he needs more spirit.
    See No Evil Trailor
    Joey Styles/Jerry Lawler Interview/Segment- Announcers fighting again. I thought WCW died? Styles talks about what has happened behind the curtains since he has come into the WWE 6 months ago and brings up some great points. It is lame that they hire him but then try to mold him into someone else. He quits but will pop up later to call the ECW show that is scheduled to start up next month or so.
    WWE Title Match: Kenny vs. John Cena- OK, so Shawn Michaels comes down after Triple H, who was the original referee for this match walks out and on the ramp way, they have a little stare down. People are chanting "DX DX" and I have no idea what's going on but I am totally locked in. Triple H heads to the back and Michaels goes to the ring, helping Cena take care of the Spirit Squad and saving his title. But here is what's strange. Both Triple H and Michaels were guest referees this show and both are now having problems with Vince. I hella (yeah, I'm from California), I hella smell a DX reunion but when? Hopefully soon because I'm dying to see it. Oh yeah, and the numerious crotch chops that have been happening. I was really hoping Michaels would superkick Cena but the WWE is still trying to either keep Cena face and hope this phase of booing him will pass or they are just savoring this reaction, and leaving us on the edge of our seats until the day comes when he finally drops the title. I really can't tell which option they are going with but the second option is a better idea.

    5/8 Raw in Anaheim, Ca
    Triple H/John Cena/Vince Interview
    IC Title Match: Chris Masters vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam- RVD retains with a clean pinfall.
    See No Evil Cast/Kane Int
    Carlito vs. Matt Striker
    Hardcore Match: Edge vs. Mick Foley vs. Tommy Dreamer- Foley and Edge team up to take out Dreamer and the crowd has no reaction to it at all. I know it's to help set up the ECW return but still, it came too much out of nowhere for Foley to team up with Edge.
    Mickie James vs. Maria
    Umaga vs. 2 Scrubs- I'm sorry, but I just could care less about this 3 minute Warning jobber-turned-Armando Alejandro Jalepeno Alfredo Estrada Tostada's "powerhouse". His finishing move is even lamer than he is and because the announcers haven't come up with a name for it, I have one. "The ultimate devestating thumb punch smash!" If I was a wrestler, I'd want to finish off my opponent with a thumb punch to the throat. A normal punch just wouldn't cut it but once the thumb is out, it pretty much finishes someone off and there is no kicking out of it.
    Kane vs. Big Show- They try to "wrestle" but when the crowd slightly starts to chant boring, Kane bashes Big Show with a chair a few times.
    Spirit Squad (all 5) vs. Shawn Michaels and John Cena- Cena is getting worked most of the match and the only interesting thing about this match is when Triple H comes down and pedigrees Cena, then gives the DX chop.

    5/15 Raw in Lubbock, TX
    WWE Title, IC Title, Tornado Match: John Cena and Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H, Shelton Benjamin, and Chris Masters- Benjamin is the new IC champion? Not suprised. Triple H vs. Cena for the WWE title? Didn't happen of course. All I can say is... Blah.
    Trish Stratus/Mickie James/"Beth" Segment- Um, her name is Beth.
    Kane's See No Evil Premier Video- Shown twice during the show because 1) we cared that much and 2) we forgot that the movie opened this week. May what?
    Triple H/Shane Int
    Tag Team Title Match: Goldust and Gene Snitsky vs. Spirit Squad
    Mick Foley/Terry Funk Interview- Great Segment here as I was suprisded to see Funk on WWE TV again (I wasn't expecting him until later this month). Foley mentions that Funk didn't show up to a Raw that took place in 2003 where they honored Foley because Funk wanted too much money. Funk would go on to call Foley's wife a ***** just to get Foley to brawl with him. This will be remembered for a while as one of the segments that gets ECW going again.
    Matt Striker vs. Eugene
    Carlito/Maria Int, Triple H/Vince Int
    Umaga vs. Scrub- Umaga wins with his "Ultimate Devestating Thumb Punch Smash" manuever that just left this jobber helpless. I know the WWE is trying to go old school by having him demolition scrubs but this guys sucks. His manager, Armando Alejandro Jalepeno Alfredp Estrada Tostada has potential in the buisness but he lasts all of 10 seconds each show. Also, who did Umaga blow to get the next to last slot everyweek on Raw?
    Smackdown Rebound, Shane/Spirit Squad Int/Cheer
    Shawn Michaels vs. Kenny- Shane is guest referee and Triple H is "in Kenny's corner". To me, the match itself took a distant second to the hype of DX that surrounded this main event. Triple H "accidently" hit Shane with the sledgehammer and claimed that it was an accident while Vince held Shane in his arms like he just died. It's just a sledgehammer shot to the head, don't overdo it, Vince. Sheesh.

    5/22 Raw in Las Vegas, NV
    Vince Int
    Mick Foley/Edge/Paul Heyman Interview- Heyman mentions ECW One Night Stand and challenges Foley and Edge to a match with Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer.
    IC Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Vince/Triple H Interview- "I want to hear those two words" - Vince. "That's funny, because I've got two words for ya... I'm sorry" - Triple H. The slow wait continues.
    See No Evil Highlights/Kane Int- Kane says he's never been happier because he was in a movie and got to kill lots of people. He then lets out an evil laugh and Jim Ross says, "Thank God he's happy".
    WWE Title Match: Chris Masters vs. John Cena- Sign of the night, "We've Cena Nuff". Managment did a great job getting the crowd behind Cena again, mainly by getting Triple H away from him and let him face people that the fans don't want to get behind. I still can't stand Cena right now. Match was nothing but did lead to...
    Rob Van Dam/John Cena Interview/Brawl- RVD comes out to cash in his Money in the Bank and challenge Cena for a title match at One Night Stand. They then brawl and when RVD is leaving, he is actually getting boos. Now while this might raise some eyebrows, this is really what the WWE wants by splitting the fans, WWE fans and ECW fans. RVD may get booed now but at the ppv, he will get major pop while Cena will get murdered by the hot crowd.
    Maria/Carlito/Goldust/Gene Snitsky Segment- Snitsky mentions that he killed Kane's fetus "but we're over that now" and he says it like it's no big deal. Funny.
    Triple H/Shawn Michaels Int
    Kane vs. Trevor Murdock- Kane kills him in like 30 seconds but then we here Kane voices again? Who is playing those voices and putting the Kane mask on the Titantron?
    Torrie Wilson vs. Mickie James
    Viscera/Lillian Garcia/Armando Alfredo Tostada/Umaga Segment- Once again, Umaga gets this slot on Raw. Raw was good until this segment.
    Triple H/Spirit Squad Int
    Shawn Michaels vs. Spirit Squad (all 5)- After Los Spiritos beat up Michaels, Vince "orders" Triple H to attack Michaels but instead, Trips fights back as Michaels is holding his knee from the attack.
    Pardon me, but I thought I would take a second to comment on the current Raw and Smackdown product. I anticipate Raw every week and can't wait to watch, regardless of how good or bad the previous show was. Eventhough they probably only have about 15 minutes of actual wrestling each show, the storylines still make people comeback (part of the "sports entertainment" that Styles mentioned a month ago). Smackdown is more geared to in-ring wrestling but yet it's becoming more and more difficult to watch especially because they continue to push scrubs like Khali and Mark Henry. I know Raw has Umaga but, destroying Undertaker? Pushing Henry and giving him title shots? Raw has a lot of guys wayyyyy more credible that should be getting the big pushes, Kane maybe? Big Show? Hell, even Chris Masters. No wonder the last episode of Smackdown scored the second lowest rating of its history, because it sucks? Unless they fix it soon, I'll have no choice but to stop watching it (again) because I simply have better things to do than watch garbage. Push Benoit, or Booker T, or even Matt Hardy but let Henry walk and get rid of Khali. These guys are taking too much Smackdown time.
    End of rant.

    5/29 Raw in Tacoma, WA
    Vince/Coach Interview- Coach has some power now.
    IC Title Match: Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Coach/Armando Alejandro Estrada/Viscera Int, Triple H/Vince Int
    Umaga vs. Viscera
    See No Evil Highlights
    Torrie Wilson and Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle and Victoria
    Johnny Nitro vs. John Cena- Nitro and Melina make their Raw debut (well, Nitro's re-debut) and after the match, Cena and Rob Van Dam have a bit of a stare down.
    Mick Foley/Paul Heyman Interview- Heyman announces that ECW is coming back fulltime and that Kurt Angle is going to the new ECW as well as RVD. Angle comes out to attack Foley.
    Big Show vs. Edge
    See No Evil Highlights, Smackdown Rebound
    Triple H vs. Kenny

    6/5 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA
    Triple H/Shane Int
    Contract Signing with Rob Van Dam/John Cena/Paul Heyman- Turns into a ECW vs. Raw brawl.
    Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Triple H/Vince Int
    Triple H vs. Big Show- Spirit Squad get involved so Triple H has to kiss Vince's ass later in the show.
    Triple H/Vince Int
    Matt Striker vs. Eugene- Hacksaw Jim Duggan has been teaching Eugene some things. Umaga then comes out and does his thing... whatever that is.
    Kurt Angle/Mick Foley/Edge Interview- It's always fun to see two stars who once feuded (Edge/Angle) and two stars who barely had any interaction together in the past (Angle/Foley) cut a promo like this. Randy Orton attacked Angle from behind and will take on his challenge for One Night Stand.
    Randy Orton Int
    Lance Cade vs. Kane- Call me lame but I like this Kane vs. Kane angle. This new Kane really does remind me of the old Kane, I guess which is why I like it.
    The Highlanders First Promo
    Charlie Haas vs. Johnny Nitro- Strange match that started with Haas "accidently" knocking Lilian Garcia off the ring apron.
    Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix
    Jerry Lawler Int, One Night Stand Card Video
    Shane/Triple H Int
    Vince/Shane/Triple H Segment- Triple was to join the Kiss My Ass club but instead gave Vince the pedigree and that was it. This DX return is going extremely slow but should kick up again after the ECW ppv, which has been where the attention has been... I hope.

    6/12 Raw in Penn State University, PA
    Paul Heyman Interview
    Randy Orton vs. Kane- Now this Kane imposter really does look like the old Kane. No more nappy hair.
    Charlie Haas/Lilian Garcia/Viscera Segment
    Coach Int, Eugene/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Int, Vince Int
    "Wet and Wild" Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle
    Trish Stratus Highlights, Spirir Squad Int
    Triple H vs. Spirit Squad- And so it finally happens. Shawn Michaels returns to attack the cheerleaders and DX is back. What bothers me are the rumors of them only being around for a couple of months because you can clearly see Shawn jogging to the ring with a bad knee.
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Umaga
    Mick Foley/Ric Flair Interview- Two legends meet at Vengeance.
    Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro
    Mickie James/Randy Orton Int, Highlanders Promo, Lita/Edge Int
    John Cena vs. Edge- No match but a 30 second brawl. Then Cena gets on the mic and says something about liking how ECW does things and that's the main event.. This should have been in the middle and the DX reunion goes here.

    6/19 Raw in Rochester, NY
    Vince Interview/Segment- Vince vows to get back at DX tonight as DX has some pranks for Vince as he walks out to the ring. He leaves as Shane comes in and tells him that Stephanie is in labor.
    Bra and Panties Match: Torrie Wilson and Maria vs. Candice Michelle and Mickie James
    Viscera vs. Charlie Haas- Spirit Squad come out to attack both of them until DX shows up on the titontron and drops green slime on the "cheerleaders".
    Coach/Paul Heyman Interview
    Kane Int
    Umaga vs. Scrub
    John Cena vs. Balls Mahoney- Finally, another real ECW star gets some air time eventhough he lost to Cena. Sabu runs in to put Cena through the announcers table.
    Randy Orton vs. Snitsky
    Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro
    DX/Coach Int, Eugene/Rob Conway Int, Vengeance Video Card
    DX/Coach Segment- "That looks like an awesome ppv. You gonna get it? Ya gonna buy it? You gonna get it? You gonna buy it?" - Michaels. I loved that part as well as Michaels spraying the green paint like it was cologne. Looks like some of DX's humor will be like it was the first time around, some parts you just have to watch for because it's either funny or you didn't catch it.
    Highlanders Promo
    Edge vs. Ric Flair- Total crap match.
    DX Reunion Segment- DX "officially" makes their re-debut here and have some fun with The SPirit Squad. The Brunette Cheerleader that Triple H brought out was hot as Michaels puts on a blindfold, "not to be tempted". Some good stuff here and throughout the show but I could have done without the midgets, which has been played out too many times (although I think DX started it). Also, don't look for Michaels to make sexual innuendos because of his Christianity beliefs but I think he can still pull off some funny moments.

    6/26 Raw in Fayetteville, NC
    Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James
    Carlito/Trish Stratus Int, DX Highlights, Vince/Shane/Spirit Squad Int
    Umaga vs. Kamala
    Torrie Wilson/Edge Interview- Edge is upset from last night and says he is quiting the show. Yeah ok, see ya later tonight when you run in during the RVD/Cena WWE title match tonight.
    John Cena Int
    Viscera and Val Venis vs. Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
    Vince/Shane Int
    DX/Vince/Shane/Spirit Squad Segment- Triple H and Shawn Michaels do an impression of Vince and Shane.
    Rob Van Dam/Paul Heyman Int
    Kane vs. Randy Orton
    Diva Search Segment, Highlanders Promo
    WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam- Edge ruins the title match and RVD holds onto it for just a little bit longer.

    7/3 Raw in Philadelphia, PA
    DX/Coach Int
    Edge/John Cena/Rob Van Dam Interview- RVD got busted with drugs irl and makes a challenge to put his title on the line tonight. Looks like he is losing it but the real question is, how will the WWE punish him?
    Vince/Coach Int
    Torrie Wilson vs. Lita
    Spirit Squad vs. Viscera, Val Venis, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Eugene, and Gene Snitsky
    DX Segment- DX is in the parking lot having a bbq. Shawn Michaels looked hesitant to hold up the hotdogs as Triple H made references to the male organ.
    Highlanders vs. Matt Striker and Rob Conway- Highlanders make their WWE debut. Raw finally has a tag team which brings their tag team total to ..(/raise my index finger/).. one.
    Triple H/Candice Michelle Segment- lol. I can't help but to think what Shawn Michaels is thinking when Triple H is doing stuff like this (getting a BJ while talking to Candice who is also getting one/or something like it), even if he isn't in the actually segment.
    DX/Vince/Coach Interviews/Segments- DX is running the production truck. The main interview with Vince had some funny parts but seemed to drag on a bit. May have been funnier to the newer viewers but those who rememeber the old days will probably be like me thinking, it feels like they are holding back on what DX can do because of Michaels' faith. You'll never see me knock HBK for his Christianity, especially because I actually applaud him for him. It's amazing how someone can turn their life around the drastically but part of me will feel, if they can't do the DX gig right, don't do it at all. But the other part does agree with how the crowd is gererally acting. Some of it is funny and is still a nice change of pace so it's not all bad.
    IC Title Match: Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro- I would love to see a real match between these two but there was a funny part at the end. With DX still in the truck, replays of the match aren't shown but they show, rewind, show again, repeat Trish Stratus running down to the ring with her boobs flopping up and down. That was worth a good chuckle.
    Diva Search Segment
    Umaga vs. Scrub- DX plays pranks on Umaga and Armando Alejandro Jalapeno Alfredo Estrada Tostada from the truck. Maybe Vince and Co. are realizing that nobody cares about Umaga's squashes and that he needs to give him some rub from someone before it's too late.
    DX/Vince Segment, Randy Orton Int, Edge Int
    WWE Title Match: Edge vs. John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam- As predicted from RVDs drub problems, he loses his title here to Edge so no matter if the show was good or bad, it was memorable due to an extremely rare WWE Title change on Raw.

    7/10 Raw in Sioux City
    John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin- Edge and Lita do commentary at their own table next to the announcers and after the match, Edge and Cena brawl it out.
    DX Highlights, Vince/Shane/Eugene Int
    Melina vs. Trish Stratus
    Highlanders vs. Rob Conway and Matt Striker
    Ric Flair Int
    Ric Flair/Mick Foley/Paul Heyman/Big Show Interview- Big Show challenges Flair.
    Vince/Shane/Eugene Segment
    Viscera vs. Charlie Haas
    Edge/Lita Int
    Diva Search Segment
    Shane/Vince/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Segment
    Randy Orton vs. Val Venis
    Edge/Lita Int, SNME Video Card
    Vince and Shane vs. Eugene- DX makes a late show appearance.

    7/17 Raw in San Antonio, TX
    DX/Vince/Shane Interview- The intro of the show and DX is cut off. For some reason, my DVR wasn't going.
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito
    Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James and Victoria
    Mick Foley Int
    Highlanders vs. Scrubs
    DX/Highlanders Int
    Matt Striker/John Cena Interview
    John Cena vs. Umaga- They finally give Umaga a big name to fight with and thanks to Edge, he beats Cena.
    Highlanders/Vince Int
    Randy Orton vs. Eugene
    Randy Orton Interview
    Mick Foley Int
    Ric Flair/Johnny Nitro/Melina Interview
    Diva Search Segment
    Vince/Shane Int- DX has signs on the McMahon's back.
    Shawn Michaels vs. Shane

    7/24 Raw in Cleveland, OH
    Shawn Michaels/Coach Interview- NOW THIS is the Shawn Michaels I have been waiting to see. Nothing sexual but he is still able to show his humor side and had me busting up, especially when he started laughing after he found out that he was going to face Coach tonight. He also showed that his Christian turn can be funny as well when he mentioned that he lied about saying that Stephanie was in labor a few weeks ago, then looked up and whispered his apologies to God. Good stuff here and was refreshing to see.
    Tag Team Title Match: Highlanders vs. Kenny and Mikey
    Mick Foley Interview- Am I the only one who is enjoying these Foley interviews? Talk about intense.
    Ric Flair/Edge Interview
    Carlito/Trish Stratus Int, Edge/Coach Int
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito- Match started out hot but cooled down near the end. Still, these two would be great on ppv. Too bad the WWE doesn't believe in good matches on tv anymore.
    Hulk Hogan/Randy Orton Interview
    Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James
    Shawn Michaels vs. Coach- Umaga does what the Spirit Squad can't do, and that's put Michaels down.
    John Cena Int- Only the best of the best speakers in wrestling history could pull off this kind of interview.
    Diva Search Segment- Rebecca is looking cuter and cuter each week and Layla annoys me more and more each time I see her.
    Johnny Nitro and Edge vs. John Cena and Ric Flair

    7/31 Raw from the Continental Airlines in New Jersey
    Vince/Shane/DX Interview
    IC Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro- About Carlito's hair, "I didn't know Supercuts had a drive through window." - Jerry Lawler. Funny line.
    Randy Orton Segment- "Orton Knows Best" Segment where he has people dresses up like Hogan's family and says nothing that has any meaning to it. Lame.
    Vince/Shane Armando Alejandro Estrada Int
    Trish Stratus and Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James and Victoria
    Mike Foley/Melina/Ric Flair Interview- Some say they don't like these interviews because they are over the top. I totally disagree and it's an intensity that we are not used to seeing. I love it and it's going to be one of my top matches that I want to see at Summerslam because I think Foley is right, he does have some good matches left in him and you never know when it's going to happen.
    Matt Striker vs. John Cena- Jim Ross says something like, "Weither you love him or hate you him, that's your call folks. Exercise that first amendment right. Express yourself anyway you'd want". BULLSHIT!!! Anytime someone beings a negative sign, especially toward Cena, security takes it away. Total bullshit.
    Johnny vs. Rory McGallister
    Diva Search Segment- Rebecca is voted off. She was hot but because I didn't give a damn about this, I didn't care. I almost did but not quite.
    Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga

    8/7 Raw in Memphis, TN
    Vince/Shane Int
    Trish Stratus/Mickie James/Edge/Lita Interview/Segment
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane
    John Cena Interview
    John Cena vs. Viscera
    Vince/Shane Int, Carlito/Trish Stratus Int, Shawn Michaels/Shane Segment
    Shawn Michaels/Triple H Int
    Edge and Lita vs. Carlito and Trish Stratus
    Ric Flair/Mick Foley Interview
    Diva Search Segment
    Triple H vs. Umaga

    8/14 Raw in the University of VA
    Edge Interview- Edge goes to Cena's house and slaps his dad, then replays it 6 times.
    Women's Title Match: Lita vs. Mickie James- Lita wins the women's title as Mickie James continues to show that she is the future of the women's division.
    Mick Foley Int
    Umaga vs. Scrub
    Divas Water Fight Segment
    Johnny Nitro vs. Ric Flair- DQ finish when Mick Foley gets involved.
    DX/Vince/Shane Interview
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene vs. Spirit Squad
    Carlito vs. Edge
    Randy Orton/Hulk Hogan Interview/Segment- Bad, slow segment to cap off a bad, slow Raw before Summerslam. If one's decision to buy Summerslam was based mainly off this show, I bet they save their money. I would hope they wouldn't waste it on a TNA ppv though.

    8/21 Raw in Bridgeport, CT, Night After Summerslam. One of the best Raws of the year.
    Edge/Lita Interview- Lita throws out Cena's belt into the river and then Edge debuts his belt... that looks just like Cena's but with a Rater R logo spinning in the middle of it. Bah. What is this, everyone gets personalized belts? Retarded. Jeff Hardy makes his return by stepping up to Edge's challenge and chases him off. Good to see Jeff again but I think after a few jobs, he will be in ECW, where he actually would fit better into I think.
    Spirit Squad vs. Highlanders, Eugene, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Coach/Edge/Vince/Shane Int
    Randy Orton/Carlito Int- Good segment by Orton. He seemed like a legit asshole and tough guy.
    DX Interview- This clip had some funny parts to it. It didn't seem too long which has been a problem with DX spots but this was fairly quick and effective.
    Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
    Vince/Shane/DX Interview/Segment
    Vince/Mick Foley Int
    Edge vs. Jeff Hardy- Bad news and good news. Good news was that the match was good, JR explained some of Hardy's past with Lita, and that Hardy didn't job. Bad News is that the ending was lame with Lita pulling out Edge to end the match in a DQ and John Cena ends the segment by brawling with Edge which doesn't give Jeff much of an outro to this segment but oh well. It's nice to have Jeff back.
    Edge/John Cena Brawl
    Melina/Mick Foley Int
    IC Title Match: Kane vs. Johnny Nitro- Umaga attacks Kane and puts his thumb to Kane's neck a couple of times.
    The Marine Movie Trailor- Mas more potential than See No Evil did but that might not be saying much.
    Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair
    Vince/Mick Foley/Melina Segment- Foley kisses Vince's ass to save Melina's job but after, Melina turns on Foley and then they fire him.
    Vince/Shane Segment- As the McMahons take off in their limo, the back tires and axl (sp?) come off as the DX logo is spraypainted on the side of the car.

    8/28 Raw in Atlantic City, NJ, (shown on Sci-Fi)
    Shane/John Cena/Edge Interview
    John Cena vs. Chris Masters- Masters returns from his time off and gets DQ'd when Edge runs into to attack Cena and tell him that they will meet at the next ppv in a TLC match.
    Shane/Vince Int
    Carlito/Trish Stratus Int- The first mention here that Trish is retiring from WWE.
    Paddle on a Pole Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle
    Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton- Thanks to Carlito, Hardy pins Orton to become the number one contender to the IC title.
    DX/Shane Int- Shawn Michaels shamelessly plugs Vince's DVD.
    The Marine Segment
    Tag Team Title Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene vs. Spirit Sqaud- Umaga comes out to attack the faces and then Armando Alejandro Jalaleno Alfredo Estrada Tostada cuts a quick promo on Kane. Umaga could get even more heat and reaction if Estrada does more mic work.
    Women's Title Match: Mickie James- Out of all the wrestling that I have ever seen, of all the comments that I have made about past divas, Mickie James is by far, the hottest of them all in my eyes. She has the perfect body (sorry, I don't like sticks), seems to have a fun personality, is so damn incredibly sexy. Kenny from the Spirit Squad is the luckiest man alive.
    Johnny Nitro/Melina Interview- Nitro may not be the best on the mic, but these two need to do more promos (like Umaga/Estrada and dispite what some people thought of the promo) and they could get lots of heat as well.
    DX vs. Mr. Kennedy, William Regal, and Finlay- Vince and Shane send out the Big Show to help and after DX is "bloodied and battered", Vince announces that he and Shane will have a rematch with DX while adding Big show on the McMahon's side in Hell in a Cell. I'm as tired of this feud as anyone but this works for me, makes me want to buy the ppv, and SHOULD be the end of the feud, finally.

    9/4 Raw in Atlanta, GA
    Edge Interview
    IC Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro- I'm sure these two can do better but the match was still good. Melina causes the DQ to save the title for Nitro.
    Trish Stratus/Lita Int, The Marine Segment
    Super Crazy vs. Chris Masters- I don't know why they don't send Super Crazy to ECW where people will appreciate him more. He does pick up the win here however which leaves me to wonder what they plan on doing with Masters.
    DX/McMahons Highlights
    Big Show/Vince/Shane/DX Interview- No jokes by DX as they run in to attack McMahon's security. I'm really interested to see what DX will do once (and if ever) DX is done feuding with Vince.
    Highlanders vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock vs. Viscera and Charlie Haas
    Smackdown Rebound, Carlito/Trish Stratus Int
    Maria/Ric Flair/Estrada/Umaga/Kane Interview/Segment
    Cryme Tyme Promo, Unforgiven Card Video, Vince/Shane/Big Show Int
    Edge, Randy Orton, and Lita vs. John Cena, Carlito, and Trish Stratus

    9/11 Raw in New York, NY (MSG)
    Ric Flair vs. Umaga- Match is a waste and was used more to set up a Umaga brawl with Kane.
    Vince/Shane Int
    Rowdy Roddy Piper/Highlanders Segment- It's always fun to see Piper as he has a fun moment here with the Highlanders.
    Highlanders and Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Mikey, Kenny, and Johnny
    Johnny Nitro/Melina/Jeff Hardy Int, Segment
    Edye Interview
    Edge, Randy Orton, and Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy, Carlito, and John Cena- Wow, what a hot crowd for this one. Lots of crowd chants like "Let's go Cena, Cena Sucks" and "Go to Smackdown, Stay on Raw". Loud chants always makes a match better.
    Cryme Tyme Promo- It's so wrong but kinda funny.
    Chris Masters vs. Super Crazy- Masters loses again as he is going nowhere fast.
    Smackdown Rebound
    Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James- Trish's last match on Raw.
    Unforgiven Card Video
    Vince vs. Triple H- Wow, this really killed would was a really good show. Vince and his crew attack DX before the match and the crowd sits as quietly during this "match" as much as a New York crowd can. Funny how Vince doesn't allow all ECW matches to be No DQ but yet all his matches are no DQ in some form or another.

    9/18 Raw in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Night After Unforgiven
    John Cena/Edge Interview- Crowd is all over Cena until Edge rips on Montreal (which was lame of him to do imo but done to set up the show's main event. DX come out after Edge sends scrubs to attack Cena.
    Shelton Benjamin Int
    Kane vs. Umaga
    Maria/Spirit Squad Int, Unforgiven Highlights
    Ric Flair vs. Johnny
    Lita/Mickie James Int
    Randy Orton/Johnny Nitro/Chris Masters/Carlito Interview
    IC Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Super Crazy vs. Johnny Nitro- This match came out of nowhere but was really fun. Nitro retains which is shocking.
    Smackdown Rebound, Cryme Tyme Promo
    DX Interview- Michaels acting over-the-top will NEVER get old to me and will always be funny to me.
    Candice Michelle vs. Lita
    Lance Cade, Trevor Murdock, and Edge vs. John Cena, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels- A DQ finish. Why? Why not have someone just pin one of the scrubs on Edge's team? Do they really plan on pushing them?

    9/25 Raw in Oklahoma City, OK
    Lita vs. Candice Michelle- Match was nothing but was strange because the power went out during the first segment.
    John Cena/Edge/Lita Interview
    IC Title Match: Kane vs. Johnny Nitro- Again, not much of a match as it was mostly used to set up a brawl with Kane and Umaga.
    Shelton Benjamin/Coach/Jeff Hardy/Edge/Lita Int
    Ric Flair vs. Mikey
    Gauntlet Match: DX vs. Highlanders, Viscera and Charlie Haas, and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock- None of these teams are in the same league as DX and were treated as such. Makes the tag division look even weaker which further pushes my theory that DX should be the tag team champions.
    Cryme Tyme Promo
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy- I expect more from these two. Maybe they are saving this for ppv.
    Marine Trailor
    Randy Orton and Chris Masters vs. Super Crazy and Carlito
    Eric Bischoff Interview- Bischoff plugs his book. Why did they fire him as GM?
    John Cena vs. Lita- Once more, no much of anything but a beat down of Cena by some Smackdown guys who make Cena kiss King Booker's feet. What a lame ending and show, especially when all the matches were just so awful. Only good out of this messy ending was Edge announcing this his rematch for the title will come next week. I'm suprised they didn't save this for their 3 hour special in 2 weeks. Smackdown from 3 days ago blew this show away.

    10/2 Raw in Topeka, KS
    DX/Coach Interview
    DX vs. Highlanders vs. Viscera and Charlie Haas vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock
    IC Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro- Nitro's impressive 3 month IC title reign comes to an end.
    Jeff Hardy/Melina Int
    DX/Coach Segment- DX chase Coach around the building and kick him out.
    DX/Spirit Squad Int
    Umaga vs. Gene Skitsky
    Randy Orton Int, Marine Trailor Int
    Randy Orton vs. Carlito
    DX/Spirit Squad Int, Cryme Tyme Promo
    Nikey vs. Sgt. Slaughter
    Mickie James vs. Victoria
    DX/Chris Masters/Eric Bischoff Int
    Steel Cage Match: Edge vs. John Cena- Match was ok. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock try to help Edge but DX keep them away as Cena retains the title. Will this lead to Edge feuding against DX?

    10/9 Raw Reunion special in University of SC, Approx Time: 2:11 hr
    John Cena/King Booker/Big Show Interview
    Paul Heyman/Coach/Teddy Long Int- They book their matches for the night.
    Loser Leaves Raw: Kane vs. Umaga- Jim Ross announces that Umaga hasn't lost but he lost over the weekend at a house show. Proof that nothing meaningful happens at live events, so why go to them? Kane loses here btw, suprise suprise.
    Kane/Highlanders Int/Brawl
    DX Int/Promo- I don't care what Wade Keller or any other DX hater says about DX, they crack me up. Let's face it, if you like HBK or Hunter, you like DX but if you don't like either one, then you hate them but this stuff is silly, just like the old DX which makes it funny.
    Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show
    Street Fight: DX vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock- DX cut quite the promo on Vince with lots of (game) cock references.
    Edge Int
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Benoit
    Paul Heyman/Coach/Teddy Long/Super Crazy Int
    Chavo Guerrero, Finlay, and William Regal vs. Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, and Batista
    King Booker Int
    Melina vs. Torrie Wilson
    King Booker vs. Rob Van Dam
    Cryme Tyme Promo, Mitch Int
    Paul Heyman/Coach/Teddy Long/Vince Int, The Marine Promo
    Ric Flair vs. Mitch- Flair brings out Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ted Dibiase, IRS, and Arn Anderson! Big mark out moment for the old school fans.
    Cutting Edge with Randy Orton- Orton and Edge form an alliance to take out DX. They should add Chris Masters as a bodyguard type and pull Kenny from the Geek squad and they would have a young, talented stable that could do some damage.
    John Cena vs. Undertaker- We go Nitro here and end a big night with a lame DQ.

    10/16 Raw in Los Angeles, Ca
    Edge/Randy Orton/DX Interview- DX doesn't take Edge and Orton very seriously after Edge and Orton mock DX to start the segment.
    Cryme Tyme vs. Spirit Squad- Cryme Tyme accept the Cheerleader's open challenge to debut on Raw and win the match.
    Kenny Segment- Kenny flips out and walks out on the Spirit Squad.
    Melina/Johnny Nitro Int, The Marine Trailor
    King Booker/Sharmell/Coach/Cryme Tyme Int- Haha funny. I was one of the first people to roll my eyes at the first Cryme Tyme promo because it was super ghetto but I can see them getting over big. Good segment here with King Bookah who claims that he doesn't speak ebonics (sp?)
    IC Title Match: Chris Masters vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Super Crazy vs. Jeff Hardy
    King Booker/Big Show/Vince Int
    Melina/Johnny Nitro/Kevin Federline/John Cena/Vince Interview/Segment- This segment could have been huge. I was hoping for a battle rap with Cena and Federline but it didn't happen.
    Carlito vs. Rob Conway
    Umaga Segment- He beats up two guys from Jackass 2. Segment was lame because as Umaga leaves, you see one of them getting up on his own. You would think they would have had them sell Umaga's attacks more.
    Candice Michelle vs. Maria vs. Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson
    Smackdown Rebound
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton- Triple H wins which doesn't help the DX/Edge/Orton angle one bit.

    10/23 Raw in Chicago, IL
    Kevin Federline/King Booker/John Cena/Big Show Interview- Ron Simmons makes a cameo.
    Melina vs. Mickie James
    Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito and Jeff Hardy
    Edge/Randy Orton Int, Marine Segment, Johnny Nitro/K-Fed Int
    Spirit Squad vs. Cryme Tyme
    Eugene/Umaga Segment
    Ric Flair vs. Kenny
    DX Int- DX does the elevator and stairs thing.
    Cyber Sunday Card Video
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton- Orton wins this time but is it one week too late?

    10/30 Raw in Moline, IL, Worst, most frustrating Raw to watch.. EVER
    Cutting Edge with Randy Orton/Eric Bischoff/Coach/Vince
    Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Johnny Nitro
    John Cena Int, Torrie Wilson/Carlito Int
    Lita vs. Maria
    Marine Trailor
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton- Rubber match between the two. Edge was supposed to be the referee but Triple H takes him out before the match starts. Triple H ends up going over both guys here which doesn't make sense. Shouldn't Triple H get beat down here because he is outnumbered? The only way this makes any kind of booking sense is if Orton and Edge go over DX at the ppv and if they don't, this feud might as well end because DX comes out on top everytime.
    Umaga vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Ric Flair/Sgt. Slaughter/Rowdy Roddy Piper/Dusty Rhodes Interview
    Cryme Tyme vs. Viscera and Charlie Haas- Cryme Tyme is going to get over quickly.
    Triple H Int, Coach/King Booker/Big Show Int
    Coach vs. John Cena- Man O Man, remember when the main events of Raw was Steve Austin vs. Undertaker? Or Rock vs. Kurt Angle? Or even just a few years back when it was Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit or Triple H vs. Chris Jericho? These matches were a solid 10-15 minutes and now fast forward to 2006 and this is our main event that goes 2 minutes? And the sad thing is, we, the stupid WWE fans voted for this match! We would rather have a lame ass comedy match (if you want to call it that) with Coach vs. Cena than atleast have Cena face Booker T, someone who can atleast wrestle a match. By us voting this in, Vince will have even more reasoning to book shit for the main event and this isn't just a lately thing, this has been the last 2 years. All of a sudden, Vince doesn't want to give away good matches on TV so we get all the crap matches on TV and if you want a decent wrestling match, you have to now pay $40 for it. This is so frustrating for me and if it doesn't turn around soon, I'll finally have my reason to stop recording TV, because I won't need to watch it. I've done it twice before and I will certainly do it again. This shit just sucks and anyone who knows me even just via emails or checking out my site knows that I am a WWE mark all the way but something has got to happen soon and the company needs to go in another direction. Suddenly, 2001-2003, the years that have been ripped hard by smart marks don't look so bad (and personally, I thought those years had some really good stuff).

    11/6 Raw in Thee Ohio State University, Night After Cyber Sunday
    Edge/Randy Orton/Eric Bischoff/Ric Flair/Rowdy Piper Interview- The DVD at the beginning of this show skips a little bit and clears up right before Edge and Orton start the interview.
    John Cena Highlights
    IC Title Match: Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy- Nitro wins but this title change makes no sense whatsoever.
    Eric Bischoff/Spirit Squad/Eugene/Coach/Maria Int
    Kevin Federline Int- Obviously it was pre-recorded because K-Fed paused several times where people were supposed to boo but didn't yet he still let the pause continue.
    Spirit Squad vs. Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Maria vs. Umaga
    John Cena Interview
    Lita/Eric Bischoff Int, Carlito/Shelton Benjamin Int
    Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin- Like all the other matches this night (and the last year or so on Raw), this one was a dub but atleast was watchable with Cryme Tyme at the announce table.
    Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Lita
    Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper- Coach gave away the ending of the match when he said we would have new tag team champions before the match which basically meant, the titles weren't going anywhere. DX come out to stick Eric Bischoff up the DX stripper's ass and the crowd can't really cheer for it because no one wants to see this. I could go on and on about what a dud this show was like I did after last week's show but why bother. Vince has lost sight of what the fans want, it's that simple and the dead crowd tonight proved it. They didn't pop for anything, never had a chance to.

    11/13 Raw in Manchester, England
    DX/Coach Interview- Couch puts a bounty on DX but Hunter complains saying that, "we're only worth $5000 each?"
    DX vs. Charlie Haas, Viscera, Lance Cade, and Trevor Murdock
    DX/Spirit Squad Segment
    Highlanders vs. Kenny and Johnny
    Masterlock Challenge with Jerry Lawler
    DX/Eugene Segment, DX/Chris Masters Segment
    John Cena vs. Umaga- Crowd was into it but Big Show comes out to kill the buzz.
    DX/Coach Int
    IC Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro- Hardy wins the title back (so why did it change in the first place last week) and we finally get a decent wrestling match on TV. Ladder match from these two nwxt week?
    Cryme Tyme/DX Int, Carlito/Torrie Wilson Int, Survivor Series Video Card
    Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Lita- Mickie wins the title but this should have waited until Survivor Series. DX do their antics at ringside.
    Tag Team Title Match: Edge and Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper- Another title change. This should have happened last week.

    11/20 Raw in Baltimore, MD
    Big Interview- All the teams and Vince McMahon come out and cut a small promo to hype up Survivor Series.
    Umaga vs. Sabu
    Torrie Wilson/Chris Masters/Carlito Segment
    Melina/Johnny Nitro Int, Spirit Squad/Ric Flair/Ron Simmons Int
    IC Title, Ladder Match: Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy- Not bad. Nothing spectacular but sure beats the semi-main events that we have had to suffer through lately.
    Nicky vs. Dusty Rhodes
    Cryme Tyme/Edge/Randy Orton Int
    Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Lita- This week, Mickie is blindfolded. Lita then rants and says that Survivor Series will be her final match. Her in-ring work was getting crazy anyways so who cares.
    Randy Orton, Edge, Big Show, and Kenny vs. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair, and John Cena- I thought Vince said earlier in the night that this would be a night that we would never forget? What are we supposed to remember about it exactly? Lita's retirement announcement? Umaga squashing Sabu? Rehashing a Carlito/Masters feud because they have nothing to do for these two? Yes the Nitro/Hardy match was ok but not unforgetable. If Vince is going to throw that line out there, he needs to come through.

    11/27 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA, Night After Survivor Series
    Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H vs. Spirit Squad- Match was better than I thought it would be and the SS finally did a cheer! It was a good moment for Ric Flair who started getting emotional at the end.
    DX Segment- They send the Spirit Squad back to OVW.
    Hardy Boys Video- Various videos are shown throughout the show of The Hardys, including their own homemade videos, their debut as a tag team in 98 on Heat, and others.
    MNM Int- Joey Mercury is back and they will take on the Hardy Boys at the ECW ppv.
    Women Battle Royal- Victoria wins which will put two of the better women "wrestlers" errrrr superstars together. Victoria was the right choice.
    Eugene vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan- "Don't make fun of me! I'm special!" So they finally follow up on his heel turn. It's like the writers and Vince have A.D.D. and can't focus on anything other than the main eventers.
    DX/Dusty Rhodes Int
    Edge/Randy Orton/Ric Flair Segment- Orton and Edge drag out a bloodied Flair and attack him with conchairtos. Pretty intense.
    Umaga/Estrada/John Cena Interview
    Chris Masters vs. Jerry Lawler
    Cryme Tyme Segment, Hardys/Edge/Randy Orton Int
    Tag Team Title Match: Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Randy Orton- Not too shabby but they go with the DQ to protect both teams. Wrestling wise, the night wasn't that good (which has been the norm in the last year or so) but storywise, a lot went on today so the show was a step up from the last several months.

    12/4 Raw in Charleston, SC
    John Cena/Melina/Coach Interview- Cena gets in some lines that finally weren't too corny, although he probably should have cut back on a joke or two here. Still, not bad. When I think of the other two champions, Batista and Bobby Lashley (I don't want to get started on that), they are all big muscle guys but atleast Cena can do a promo.
    Randy Orton/Edge/Kenny Int- Kenny wants to be part of Rated RKO but he is told to prove himself... interesting but good.
    Highlanders vs. Garrison Cade and Trevor Murdock
    Victoria vs. Maria
    Cryme Tyme Segment, Shelton Benjamin/Super Crazy Int
    Shelton Benjamin vs. Super Crazy- Charlie Haas comes out to get super excited about a win by Shelton. I'm all for these two getting back together but kind of a strange way to start it.
    WWE Title, Masterlock Challenge with John Cena- After Cena gets out of it and knocks out Masters with the Full-Nelson, Umaga comes out to brawl with Cena.
    Viscera/Torrie Wilson/Carlito Int
    Shawn Michaels Int
    Carlito vs. Viscera
    Coach/John Cena/AAE Int, Val Venis/Eugene Segment
    Edge, Randy Orton, Joey Mercury, and Johnny Nitro vs. DX and The Hardy Boys- Match was fine but DX squashing Kenny made no sense. I hope they still decide to put Kenny with Orton and Edge but I'm not so sure now. An okay show which in the last several months means that its great but in reality, it isn't.

    12/11 Raw in Mohegan, CT
    John Cena vs. Armando Alejandro Estrada- They have a quick match but AAE does whatever he can before it starts to get out of it.
    John Cena Int
    Jerry Lawler and Carlito vs. Viscera and Chris Masters
    Cryme Tyme/Highlanders/Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas Int, Edge/Randy Orton/Kenny Int
    Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. Highlanders- The World's Greatest Tag Team is back together and pretty much bury the Highlanders
    Triple H vs. Edge- Scratch that, let's make it...
    Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair vs. Edge, Randy Orton, and Kenny- Flair pins Kenny. I'm not sure why DX needs more momentum against Edge and Orton.
    Melina/Johnny Nitro/Coach Int, Carlito/Torrie Wilson int
    Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson
    Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy
    John Cena vs. Johnny Nitro

    12/18 Raw in Washington, DC, Approx Time: 2:15 hr
    30 Man Battle Royal- Won by Edge who eliminated Shawn Michaels. Edge will get to face John Cena at the end of the show for the title. Of course I was pulling for Michaels to win because I still hope he wins the title one more time before he calls it quits but Edge stays on the outside for a lot of the match and gets a cheap win.
    Edge/Randy Orton Int, Chris Masters Int
    Chris Masters/Carlito Brawl
    Hardy Boys vs. Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and Johnny Nitro
    AAE/Umaga Int
    Sylvester Stallone Interview
    Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra- I'm going to have to get used to the last name of Dykstra. Kenny wins and leaves Flair in the ring after Flair extended his hand.
    WWE Title Match: Edge vs. John Cena- Crowd was into it. There was a small feeling that Edge might win but it didn't happen.
    "George Bush"/Cryme Tyme Segment- Boy, did this segment fall flat. What was the point of this?
    Victoria vs. Mickie James
    Kevin Federline Interview
    Edge, Randy Orton, and Umaga vs. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and John Cena- Edge and Orton get the best of DX and leave them bloody as the show ends. Most people including myself have been waiting for this to happen for a while because it finally shows that Edge and Orton are a threat to DX.

    12/25 Raw in Baghdad, Iraq, Tribute to the Troops
    Edge vs. John Cena
    CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin
    Johnny Nitro vs. Undertaker
    Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly
    Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy
    Carlito vs. Randy Orton
    Chris Masters/JBL/Divas Segment

    Horster: + +

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