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    Default Another WWE Main Event Episode Airing Next Week, Natalya Talks Tyson Kidd & The Great Khali

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    - Natalya tweeted about her wedding to Tyson Kidd:

    "I guess I should address this...the happiest day of my life. And yes, it was real. #totaldivas #WWE #E!"

    A fan commented that Natalya's on-screen love interest The Great Khali must be upset. She replied:

    "Nope! He's still my best bud. That will NEVER change."

    - As noted, there will be two episodes of WWE Main Event airing tomorrow night on Ion - a MITB-themed episode at 7pm EST and the regular episode at 8pm EST. WWE will also air two Main Event episodes next week, July 10th, but no word yet on what the theme will be for the 7pm episode.

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    Congratz Natalya And Tyson Kidd

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    Tyson Kidd with this hair looks so different, than we all know him.



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