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    Default TCW Thursday Night Thrash 2/28/2013

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    (Special thanks to UndertakerGreece for the help and Eiden Anderson for the Titles)

    Fireworks start off as fan start cheering.

    Tonight in Atlanta, Georgia, three champions will be
    born. We will crown a TCW European, Intercontinental and World
    Champion tonight.

    Music starts as Moaz comes out.

    What is he doing out here?

    From the looks of things coming over here.

    Oh great now we have an overgrown ego
    doing commentating.

    Yeah, because you're as humble as
    the come K.

    Moaz goes to the commentator table and sits down with
    Miller and K.

    Tonight! TCW Is Moazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Oh God.

    Hello everyone and welcome to this
    historic night. I'm Richard Miller along
    with K and now Moaz at the table.

    Hey you two.

    Why are you here?

    I just figure that you guys commentating would
    be 50% cooler with Moaz around.

    Ugh, whatever.

    Announcer: The following is a No Disqualification
    Match, for the European Championship.

    Music starts as Insideout comes out with a trash can full
    of weapons.

    Well it looks like IO is making
    the most out of this no DQ match.

    IO coming down with
    a plethora of weapons for this match.

    IO throws the trash can of weapons into the ring.
    And drags it to his side.

    Its a good idea considering who he's facing off against.
    Add to the fact that Eiden probably
    won't help out since he has a important match too and
    you'll full understand were IO is coming from.

    Music starts and UndertakerGreece comes out.

    Taker is finally going to be able to get
    his hands on IO. He's had the upper
    hand on them so far. So lets see
    if he can take it as far as getting the gold.

    The bell starts as we see IO take out a kendo
    Taker tries to bob and weave as IO takes aim.
    He swings but Taker dodges.
    IO swings again and hits Taker in the leg.
    Taker shakes it off as he distances himself from IO.
    IO goes for another swing but Taker catches it under his arm.
    He then takes the kendo away from IO and
    hit him in the back with it.
    IO fall and jump back up in pain.
    Taker swings again but IO dodges and goes to the can.
    Taker pursues but is caught off guard
    as IO sprays him with a Fire Extinguisher.
    As Taker is blinded and stunned IO
    used the Extinguisher to clock Taker in the head.
    He goes for the pin....1....2...kickout.
    IO pick Taker up and goes for a Irish Whip.
    Taker reverses and sends IO to the ropes.
    IO counters with a running elbow smash.
    As Taker slowly gets back up
    IO hits him with a running dropkick to his head.
    He pins Taker....1...2....kickout.
    He puts Taker in a chinlock.

    So far IO has had a great
    game plan to ground Taker.

    I'm actually surprised some one
    as slimy and IO could do something like this.

    And that is way you got beat so fast.
    IO keeps the chinlock on as
    Taker is struggling to get up.
    As he starts to get up IO starts
    hitting him with elbow after elbow.
    This brings Taker back down.

    Fan: IO SUCKS! IO SUCKS! IO SUCKS!......

    Again Taker starts to slowly get up.
    IO continue to keep the hold lock in.
    But Taker is finally up as he starts to elbow IO.
    IO takes the blows and counters with a neckbreaker.
    He goes for the pin....1...2...kickout!
    He gets Taker in a sitting position
    and catches hit with a Shoulder claw submission.

    Taker looks like he is in
    a lot of pain.

    How much more can he take?
    Taker sees the the Kendo stick is
    within arms reach and slowly goes for it.
    He grabs it and hits IO in the head with it.

    He got him right between the eyes!

    This is the chance that Taker needed.
    Can he capitalize?!

    Shake it off IO! Shake it off!

    With IO stunned Taker get back up with
    Kendo stick still in hand.
    He the hit IO in the back with the stick.
    Again, and again and again and again
    and again and again and again and again
    and again and again and again and again.
    and again and again and again and again.
    till the kendo breaks apart.

    IO collapses in extreme pain.
    Taker goes to the Trash can
    and takes out a Steel chair.
    He readies himself as IO
    slowly gets up in pain.
    As soon as IO gets up Taker wacks
    him over the head with the chair.
    He drops the chair and picks the downed
    IO up and brings him down with a chokeslam
    over the steel chair.
    He pins IO




    Taker picks IO up again and hits him with another
    chokeslam on the chair.
    He pins IO again.




    Flustered, Taker goes outside and under the apron.
    He pulls out a table.
    As he brings it in IO baseball slide on the
    table causing it to hit Taker.
    Both are down.

    IO had to muster up all that
    strength to take out Taker.
    Now he can get some breathing
    room for a bit.

    IO gets up first as he rolls to the outside.
    He goes under the apron and pulls out
    a sledgehammer.
    He grins as he goes in a batter up position
    towards the slowly rising Taker.
    He charges at him but before he can swing
    Taker kicks him in the gut, causing IO to drop the Hammer.
    He then starts to hit IO with a series of punches.
    After the last punch IO is stunned as Taker goes for a closeline.
    IO dodges and trips him causing Takers head to
    hit the ring apron, dropping him.
    IO takes a breather but suddenly Taker quickly sits up shocking IO.
    IO quick goes and delivers stomp after stomp on Taker
    bring him back down. Taker rises up again.
    IO goes for the nearest steel chair and clocks taker in the head.
    IO starts to laugh and says "Rise from that you son of a b*tch"
    Taker quickly rises scaring IO.

    How? How is Taker rising up?

    He is the deadman of Greece after all.

    This is the same man that caused terror in the DRW!

    IO start to signal some one at the entrance way.
    Eiden starts to run down.
    The two start stomping Taker.

    Looks like IO is getting desperate.

    YES! Its no DQ so IO is making the most out of
    this. I'm loving every bit of this
    After stomping Taker out for a minute they pick him up
    and roll him back in the ring.
    IO goes for the pin.




    IO get up and goes to the corner.
    IO tell Eiden to bring Taker back up as he signals for a Spear.
    Eiden bring Taker up and IO charges.
    Taker counters with a big boot to IO's head and goes for the pin.

    Eiden breaks the count and starts stomping Taker.
    He goes for the now empty trash can.
    He uses the Trash Can to hit Taker over the head.
    Eiden drags IO over Taker and tell the ref to count.




    Eiden screams "WHAT?!" in anger.
    He goes outside for the table.
    He brings it in the ring and sets it up as
    IO is slowly getting up.
    Before Eiden knows it his is pulled outside the ring
    and is attacked but Prohundred.


    He's getting revenge for last week!

    Pro throws Eiden to the steel steps.
    Then pro goes in the ring and attacks IO.
    He hit IO with a DDT planting him.
    He the slowly picks IO up and places him on the table.
    He goes to the top rope and delivers his finishing 450 Splash
    on IO on the table.
    As Pro get back up he sees Eiden slowly running away
    to the entrance and goes after him.
    As Eiden and Pro leave, Taker slowly goes crawls towards IO
    he gets himself up and pulls IO from the broken table and pins IO.




    Wow. Did Insideout just kickout
    from a 450 splash?

    Taker took a lot of time to pin him.
    IO got the precious minutes to
    will himself a kickout.

    Taker get up and marks that he is
    going to end IO.
    He gets him up and before he can lift him for a Last Ride
    IO breaks away and counters for his Kill Switch.
    Taker counters and pushes him to the ropes.
    IO comes back and hits Taker with a SPEAR!


    Where the hell did that come from?!

    The two are both down as the fans go wild.

    IO just needs to dig deep and crawl for the pin.
    Come on IO get up!

    IO starts to stir as he crawls his way to Taker and goes for the pin.



    KICKOUT as the fans go crazy.

    Fans: Taker! Taker! Taker!.....

    IO gets more flustered as he hits the ring with his fist.
    He slowly get up and goes for the steel chair.
    IO then slams the chair in the middle of the ring.
    He gets Taker up and mocks him by did his pose.
    IO lifts him over the chair to Hit Takers own
    Tombstone Piledriver Finisher.
    But Taker is able to reverse it and position IO's head over the chair.
    He hits IO with his finisher over the chair and pins him.




    Announcer: Your winner, and NEW European Champion UndertakerGreece!

    This is so wrong!
    So wrong.

    Well them's the breaks K. But I have to say
    IO really give us a great match.
    He may have even won if Prohundred didn't show.
    But no matter how much he stacked against
    the Deadman of Grecce, Taker was able to
    diss out just as much.

    What a match, UndertakerGreece
    makes history as becoming the first
    ever TCW European Champion.


    Announcer: The following is a triple Threat Match

    Music starts as a bad mood Eiden comes out.

    Well I was expecting Anderson to still
    be pissed after what happened earlier tonight.

    Music starts as Eramit comes out.

    Era has been impressive since he
    came to TCW. Lets see if his
    streak will continue here.

    Music starts and Playboy comes out.

    Here come another that has been imperssive.
    Play has really gotten my attention but
    we'll see if he is hungery enough to want to get the

    Eiden and Playboy start attacking Eramit together
    Eramit dodges Eiden's punch and hits play with a powerslam
    Eiden catches Era from the neck and sends him to the corner
    Eiden runs and stomps Era's stomach with a big kick
    Era goes down and Eiden with Playboy pick him up and give him a double suplex
    Play goes for the pin but before Eiden stops him Era kicks out
    Eiden and Play working as a team pick Era up and they go for a double clothesine
    Era dodges and sends Play out of the ring using his elbow
    Eiden goes fast behind Era and gives him a back body drop
    Eiden goes for the pin 1... Era kicks out
    Eiden stands up and takes Era and hits him with a DDT
    Eiden runs to the ropes , comes back and performs an elbow drop
    Playboy climbs the ring from outside
    Eiden goes for the pin 1.. Eiden stops the pin and runs to Playboy to give him a dropkick
    Playboy goes down to the floor
    Era takes Eiden for the HELLS GATE when no one expects it
    Eiden tries to escape but he can't
    Playboy is still outside of the ring on the floor
    era keeps the hold
    Eiden starts bleeding from the mouth and he look fainted
    referee goes for Eiden's hand
    1 drop
    2 drop
    Eiden keeps his arm up in the air
    Eiden tries to escape and he grabs the ropes with his hand
    Era then goes to the top rope and he performs a splash to Eiden
    Era goes for the pin 1....2....Eiden kicks out
    Era goes again on the top rope and waits for Eiden to stand up
    Eiden stands up,Era waits a little more
    Playboy goes from outside to Era and pushes him to Eiden
    Eiden gives era a flying spear
    Eiden goes for the pin 1....2....Playboy stops it
    Playboy picks up Era and gives him punches
    then Eiden stands up and Playboy punches him too
    Playboy takes Eiden and gives him a facebuster
    then playboy gives Era a clothesline
    Playboy gives Eiden a neck breaker
    Playboy goes for the pin 1...2...Eiden kicks out
    Playboy picks up Eiden and sends him out of the ring
    Era attacks Playboy with punches and kicks and gains some momentum
    Playboy falls down to the mat
    Era signs the brogue kick
    Playboy gets up
    and Era gives him a brogue kick
    Era goes for the pin 1...2...Eiden stops it
    Eiden takes Era and gives him a Canadian destroyer
    Eiden goes for the pin 1...2...Era kicks out

    BULL! Eiden had that!

    No it was 2!

    Are you blind?! This ref is
    completely bias!

    Nah, just you.

    Eiden argues with the referee
    then Eiden locks the sharpshooter on Era
    Era tries to catch the ropes
    but he is finger tips away
    Era is ready to tap
    but Playboy stands up and kicks Eiden in the belly
    Playboy takes Eiden's head between his legs,jumps and gives eiden a PEDIGREE
    Playboy goes for the pin
    but before the referee starts the count Eramit locks playboy with the HELL'S GATE
    the crowd goes wild,cheers and screams TAP TAP TAP
    Playboy tries to escape
    ERA holds the powerful lock
    Playboy splits blood
    and after a minute Playboy TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    both superstars look on the championship
    then they slowly turn their eyes the one to the other
    hemafekho attacks first with a low kick and a headlock
    randy overpowers hema and sends him down to the mat
    hema stands up with a look of disbelief and goes for another one headlock
    randy overpowers again and sends hema again to the mat
    hema goes up again and an evil smile takes place

    That was creepy.

    What is Hema up to with that sadisic smile?

    I don't know but remember
    this is the guy that took out
    his long time rival Tray.
    Randy needs to be careful.

    hema goes out takes a ladder and gets back in
    hema still with the ladder on hand attacks randy
    randy dodges the first ladder shot but the second finds him in the shoulder
    hema laughs and attacks 3 more times with the ladder until randy falls to the mat
    randy rolls out of the ring to take a breath
    hema doesn't waste time and jumbs over the top rope over randy
    hema takes randy and attacks him with a steel chair again and again

    Hema aiming to do the same
    as he did to Tray!

    randy dodges the last chair shot and takes hema's chair and then he starts the beatdown

    Dear God! Randy is killing him! He's killing him.

    8,9,10. Jezz!

    15 chairshots until randy stops and gets back in the ring

    Talk about inony.

    The very thing that
    he use to take Tray
    out may come back
    to bite him in the a*s!

    hema doesn't move
    randy looks at hema and then takes the ladder and places up
    hema stands up
    randy starts climbing the ladder but when hema gets inside he jumbs down to fight
    hema starts punching him and kicking him
    randy punches too and the action goes wild
    then hema ends with a brain-buster
    randy falls down to the mat but hema wants to punish him more
    hema attacks him again and then he irish whips hi to the corner
    he goes for a running high knee
    and he lands it perfectly hema follows with a bulldog
    then hema climbs up the ladder not very high
    and gives a flying elbow to the heart
    then hema makes his taunt to sign the GTS
    hema takes randy on his shoulders to hit the GTS
    but akuna's music plays and the crown goes wild
    he runs in the ring and beats up hemafekho and he hits him with the WHITE NOISE
    then akuna goes to the corner hitting his chest
    the crowd screams wuth him BROGUE , BROGUE!!!!
    hema goes up akuna runs for the brogue kick
    but randy hits akuna with a STUNNER
    akuna goes out of the ring from the hit
    then randy goes to hema and gives him an RKO
    he then goes and climbs the ladder
    he touches the gold....

    He's gonna get it! Fingertips away.


    Is this it? Will we crown a new champion?!

    NO!!! NO!!!!

    but lucas who got in the ring without anyone noticing him pushes the ladder and randy goes out of the ring hitting the floor
    hema gets up but lucas gives him a roundhouse kick
    and hema falls down again
    lucas then goes out of the ring grabs randy and puts him on the commentators table
    he then takes a ladder out of the ring he climbs it
    and then lucas perfoms an AIR-BOURNE and hits randy breaking the table
    the crowd cheers again
    lucas stands up takes a mic
    and gets in the ring he climbs the ladder ready to talk and take the belt
    but hema stands up and pushes the ladder lucas falls down in the ring and hema catches him and gives him a big GTS
    randy goes in the ring too and the start fighting again
    randy takes the advantage and gives hema a clothesline and another one
    the he gives him a neckbreaker and signals the RKO
    hema goes up and randy goes for the RKO
    but hema dodges and gets up on his shoulders
    and hemafekho gives him a GTS
    hema climbs the ladder
    he reaches the top

    Hema is almost there!

    Wait, Randy is starting to stir.

    Randy wants this. He is giving
    every ounce of his energy to stop

    How is he still awake?

    and hema takes the championship

    YES!!! YES!!!!


    A valient effort but Randy.
    He fought and fought but-

    Oh shut up, he lost. How
    about we talk bout our 1st new
    World Champion Hema.

    Dark times are ahead.

    Thank you everyone for watching this is
    Richard, K and Moaz saying goodnight.

    Fireworks go off as Hema raises the Title.

    Then fade to black.

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    Yaaa! Nice show and yes!! I made randy lose the title! Great job by me rofl

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    Congratz UnderTaker,Eramit ANd Hema
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    wow it was amazing show

    I become 1st IC champion

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    I WON ,I WON.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congartulations to the new intercontinental champion eramit and the new world heavyweight champion hemafekho.well done boys. but congartulations to the others for their effort too.

    promo: Once again the thread destroyers have lost and the TCW'S PHENOM rised above..But you know The FAMOUS DEADMAN'S LIST hasn't be completed yet.The thread destroyers were only one part of the list.

    Something you mustn't forget is that The road to TCW'S WRESTLEMANIA has begun.And I will announce the Deadman's list next victim

    NEXT WEEK(actually when tray returns)
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    Congrats Undertaker and Hemafekho

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    I saw a little bit of....OH WAIT, A lot of FAVORITISM, It sucks.
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    Congratz to new Champs . I will save my promo for morning f***ing tired now . Pipebombs coming

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Awesome i'm back

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    Congrats , TheUndertakerGreece , DR Eramit , once again i proved to all of you that i'm the best in the world .

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendKiller. View Post
    I saw a little bit of....OH WAIT, A lot of FAVORITISM, It sucks.
    there is no favoritism at all , so don't complain about everything , tray puts alot of effort in this , so don't ruin it for everyone just because you don't like it or lost a match , grow up.
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    WTF Lucas you f***** son of a b*tch HemaB*tcho you got a cheap win so don't be proud with that shit because I am going to hunt you down until I am the WHC

    Congratz everyone and nice job tray What happened to that pink commentator

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    *. .*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy310 View Post
    WTF Lucas you f***** son of a b*tch HemaB*tcho you got a cheap win so don't be proud with that shit because I am going to hunt you down until I am the WHC
    promo : akuna or w/e his name is attacked me first you idiot

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