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    Default Ziggler Talks Interactions with The Rock, Hopes Cena & Rock Get Booed at WrestleMania

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    - Dolph Ziggler spoke with Comcast's XFINITY blog and says he hopes the fans at WrestleMania 29 boo both John Cena and The Rock out of the building. He added:

    "I donít want the cheers and the boos. I hope itís 90% boos letting them know that this ďOnce in a LifetimeĒ match is happening again and that I or someone else should be the main event. But, thatís the great thing about the WWE Universe. They get to voice their opinions, they get to show their signs. And whether they like something or hate it, youíre going to hear about it. Iím excited to hear it."

    Ziggler was asked if he's had any interactions with The Rock since he's been back:

    "Weíve had a couple of quick talks here and there. Heís usually pretty busy just like all of us when he gets here. Heís been pretty cool about everything. And it was pretty neat, he told me he liked my work which is a pretty cool deal because you know heís watching the shows when heís traveling. Like I said, having him back, it makes me a little mad. But, I love the business sense of it, having him come back and getting the crowd behind him. When heís promoting movies, weíre holding down the fort, waiting for him to come back."



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