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    Default Zack Ryder on How Far Hed Go to Reinvent His Character

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    Arda Ocal recently spoke with Zack Ryder about a number of topics. Here are some highlights from the interview.

    The State of His Career: Im at a low point. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, because theres only one place to go and thats up. The Z True Long Island Story paved my career, it re-invented Zack Ryder, but that time has come and gone. Last year, 2011, I ended it as the United States Champion. I had my first WrestleMania match at WrestleMania 28. Now this year at WrestleMania 29, not on the show, not really doing much. Thats why I really need this low point to really fuel me to come up with something new. Maybe it wont be as big or as phenomenal as Z True Long Island Story, but there will be something that just works and clicks to the audience, something that gets me to that next level. So I dont think that its necessarily a bad thing that Im at a low point;
    I just think its a little break before I get even higher.

    How Far Hed Go To Reinvent His Character: I would do whatever it takes. Do a complete 180, but only if its still me deep down inside. Im not going to go out there and pretend to be someone Im not. The thing that got me here [is], I like to party, pick up chicks, listen to pop music and sing pop music, but there is also a darker side to Zack Ryder, a more serious side to Zack Ryder. Maybe Ill have to peel some layers to Zack Ryder and go out there and do something different.

    Dolph Ziggler I mean, if theres anyone who deserves to be on TV more than me, its Dolph Ziggler. Its a shame whats going on with him right now. Hes had the greatest year possible, winning Money in the Bank, stealing the show night after night. Finally, the fans have recognized him. His shirt sells out, he beat John Cena at TLC and he works hard all year, and now its the home stretch to WrestleMania and hes not even on the show yet. He deserves that shot more than anybody, and I hope in the weeks coming he gets his Mania spot.
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    Read that on a German News site already, but I like what he says

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    How about he just leaves WWE?

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