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    Default WWE's Reaction to Hulk Hogan Wanting to Wrestle, Updates on New Titles & a Hiring Freeze

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    - Regarding Hulk Hogan looking to wrestle one more match, within WWE the mentality is that Hogan is a retired wrestler that has a PR/ambassador contract with guaranteed money that calls for a certain number of dates per month for the company but he's not exclusive and can call his own shots on outside endeavors.

    - Earlier we posted the leaked photo of the new WWE Title belt. To go along with the speculation that new titles with the new WWE logo will debut later this month, WWE's shop website has discounted all current WWE and World Heavyweight Title replica belts.

    - While there is a general hiring freeze at the WWE offices right now, they are still looking to hire people that have high-traffic site experience to work with the WWE Network.



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