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    Default WWE WrestleMania 29: Ranking the 10 Worst Main Events in 'Mania History

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    There is no disputing the fact that WrestleMania has played host to many of the greatest matches in the history of the WWE and professional wrestling as a whole. Performing on the big stage makes it possible for great matches to become legendary, but it also allows poor matches to live on forever in the minds of wrestling fans.

    While it isn't always the case, the main event is usually the most memorable match of the show. A top title tends to be on the line and the WWE likes to empty its tank in terms of star power. Even so, there have been plenty of main events over the course of WrestleMania's 29-year history that haven't lived up to the hype and aren't looked upon fondly today.

    The main event is so important when it comes to the overall quality of WrestleMania that it is difficult for a 'Mania to be considered great if the show doesn't come to a satisfying end. While The Rock vs. John Cena may not have totally lived up to expectations last year, the atmosphere made for an electric encounter.

    If things go the way people expect them to this year with Cena beating The Rock cleanly, then there will be more than a few fans calling it one of the worst main events in WrestleMania history.

    Since it's futile to speculate on what will happen with the main event a couple weeks from now, though, here are the 10 worst WrestleMania main events of all time.



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